Playing Games with Online Casino Bonus

In order to promote themselves, most online casinos offer some sort of free play or bonus offers. Before signing up to an online casino, players can access these to try out the casino and see if they are happy with the way it functions. These offer a risk-free way of doing this as players do not have to submit any personal or financial information or make any funds available in order to play.

These offers are also available after a player has signed up to an online casino and made a deposit. Here, such bonuses are available mostly to keep the player committed to the one casino, and to make sure that the player keeps on playing.

In both cases, the bonuses and free offers are great promotional tools for the casinos, and yet the online casino bonus is also great for players, as it allows for some winning chances and makes the online casinos more attractive.

The Fine Print of Casino Bonuses

However, there are some things to consider before being drawn in by the magic appeal of online casino bonuses.

While casinos may try to make their bonus offers as attractive as possible in order to lure players in and keep them playing, it is easy to become lost in these offers and simply play because they exist. Therefore, it is important to carefully consider casino bonuses before accepting them.

Is the Bonus Really a Bonus?

Even though bonuses exist and are definitely great for some players, they are also not made for everyone. For example, browsing online casinos, it is easy to become enticed by all the bonuses and simply choose a casino based on this, without paying any attention to anything else. In this case, the bonus masks other things that may be important and, even though the bonus is still a bonus per se, it is not a bonus for the individual in that situation.

Also, even if the player has signed up to a specific casino, not all bonuses that are made available by the casino are of use to the player. For example, a player who only plays poker might be given tons of bonuses to access, say, slot games, even though the player has no interest in playing online slots Canada. While accepting the bonus per se does not necessarily have any negative consequences, it is of no use to the player if it will not be redeemed.

Furthermore, bonuses may entice a player who doesn’t play much to play more. While this is obviously the purpose of the bonus from the casino’s point of view, it might not be beneficial for the player to redeem these if they do not wish to continue playing.

Read the Terms and Conditions

Even if none of those factors are of importance, and a player genuinely wants to redeem a bonus that is well-suited to the game of choice, it is still important to read the terms and conditions. Bonuses often come with stringent terms, certain limitations or play restrictions, or even wager or rollover requirements. These might prevent a player from, for instance, being able to cash out a winning due to a wager requirement or only being able to get part of the winnings.

While the existence of terms and conditions or requirements do not necessarily make a bonus a bad deal, it is still important for the player to be aware of them before redeeming the bonus.

No Deposit Android Casino Gaming for Players

Developed by Google, the Android operating system has become extremely popular and has produced some of the most advanced smart phones to date.  Because of this innovative development the nature of these smart phones has meant the creation of many applications especially for the entertainment of their players.

The online casino developers took advantage of this and have made it possible for players to access a wide range of online casino games from their smart phones.  Players will find a large library of online games which are easy to download to their mobile devices.  The developers of these games have created games that are selling fast in a market with user-created applications for players to download.

These games are similar, if not the same as games found in land-based casinos, with the added advantage of being portable and so can be played anywhere.  Players using no deposit casinos on their Android smart phones can bet, win and play all their favourite casino games without leaving the comfort of their homes.

Benefits of No Deposit Android

Almost all of these online casino games can be downloaded for free and players should ensure that they do research if they are able to play no deposit Android casino for free and for real money.  No deposit Android casinos make use of a points system or a credits system to keep track of a player’s winnings and their losses and not real cash.

No deposit Android casino players will find this convenient as they do not have to register their financial details or set up an account.  No deposit android casinos are an excellent way for players to become familiar with the rules of the online games and is even helpful for those more experienced players who will have the opportunity to try out new strategies and betting options.  Players playing no deposit android casino games will find that most of the online UK casinos will offer them the same game which can be played on a mobile platform.  These games are mostly a replica of those played on computer based platforms.

An advantage of this is players using no deposit android casino sites will have the same username and password, whether they are playing from their laptop, personal computer, tablet or cell phone.  It will not be necessary for players to set up a separate mobile account as this can all be done through the online casino’s main site.   Some of the no deposit android casinos will have an option for players to do banking through their cell phone when deciding to play for real money.

Easy Access Using Android

Players will find that they will have access to many games including Blackjack and Roulette and will enjoy the authentic feeling of playing a land-based casino.  Not only can players play no deposit android on their smart phones but they will be able to their android tablets as well.

No deposit android casino games are easy to download and players would just need to find a no deposit android casino site and select the games they would like to play and install them onto their Android devices.  This process is quick and players will be playing the favourite no deposit android game in no time.

Android has become one of the most popular operating systems in the world and continues to grow in popularity.  No deposit android casinos have become a favourite of the online casino gaming community as it brings entertaining gaming opportunities which are easily accessible to mobile device players all over the world.

Free Bet No Deposit Offers for American Bettors

Sports bettors from the United States of America now make bonus offers a critical part of their selection process when it comes to the choice of where to sign up for a new bookmaking account. New sign ups are given a bonus as a matter of course these days, and many bookmakers make sure their regular patrons don’t feel neglected by making other types of offers available to them as well, like reload bonuses and promotional offers linked to specific events for a limited time period. While there are many different types of welcome bonuses available, the most popular versions are those that require no deposit from the bettor, as this makes it possible for bettors to get into the swing of things at once.

The Lowdown on No Deposit Offers

Free bet no deposit offers are exactly that, complimentary wagers that do not require you to make any monies available in your account with the US bookmaker making the deal available. When it has been extended as part of a welcome bonus, as soon as the registration process has been completed your account will be credited with the amount outlined in the offer, and you will be able to lay your bet as you please, according to the terms and conditions outlined in the deal.

Terms and Conditions for Free Bet Offers

Do not be overwhelmed by the prospect of getting something for free, and always double and triple check that you are able to meet the stipulations outlined in the terms and conditions portion of the offer at the USA online betting sites. While these provisos are never very difficult to meet, failure to do so will render the bonus unusable, so make sure you can do so before you begin. Typical limitations include the bet only being applicable on a specific match, or certain sport, and the bonus will usually fall away after a certain period of time, even if you have not made use of it. Simply take your time at this initial point of the proceedings and check all the necessary boxes and you can easily avoid undue frustration later on.

Online bookmakers can easily be said to have totally transformed the betting landscape, as it is now so much easier for a wide variety of people to get involved with their favorite sports, financial, election and racing betting activities. You are no longer even limited to placing a bet only when you can get to your laptop or desktop computer either, and can make use of handheld devices to log in to your online account whenever you please.

Bet at Your Leisure Online

The biggest and best betting events in the world are now no further than a click of a button away, and you can watch the event unfold in real time if you wish, or simply check in to see how you have fared once the results have been made available. Access to all the latest breaking developments is guaranteed thanks to the World Wide Web, and you can put all the conveniences of modern technology to use in putting little extra money in your pocket quickly and easily.

Best Online Betting Sites for USA Punters

Laying sports bets online is becoming a more popular activity every year in the United States of America, thanks to the incredible convenience of being able to take part from wherever you happen to be. Thanks to the mobile support now offered, you can take the thousands of sports betting lines with you wherever you go, and can participate in the sports events you love at the drop of a hat.

Finding a Good Online Sportsbook

While it is not a particularly difficult task, choosing a good sportsbook with which to foster a fulfilling long term relationship does require certain factors to be taken into consideration. You will need to look at what type of odds they provide, ensure that they accept bettors from the United States of America, how generous the bonuses they offer are, and the ease with which you will be able to make both deposits and withdrawals.

It is further recommended that you double check the reputation the sportsbook enjoys online, as the best online betting sites in the USA have favorable reviews in terms of odds, customer care, timely payouts and more. Make sure you are making your real money transactions with a bookmaker that has your best interests at heart, and you can be certain each online betting experience you have will be a good one, whether or not your bet ends up paying you out.

Of course one of the main reasons US bettors choose online bookmakers over those based on land is the bonuses provided. Usually made available by means of free bets and money with which to lay bets, be sure and read the attached terms and conditions carefully. Welcome bonuses, weekly rewards and first deposit bonuses are an incredibly fun aspect of online betting, but you will need to make sure you can meet all of the stipulations in order to take advantage of them, and can save yourself a lot of frustration by making sure of this before the fact.

Keep an eye out for specialized bonuses that are attached to betting on particular sports, like NFL or college football during the season, as bookmakers make changing promotions available to their bettors on a regular basis and a tidy profit can be made if you keep your eyes peeled.

Keep Your Mobile Betting Options in Mind

Easy access to the sports lines you prefer is vital to a good online betting experience, and, if you are one of the many American residents who like to log in by means of their smartphones or tablet devices, it is vital that you select a betting site that allows this type of access.  Mobile betting options are great for those of us short on time, as there are often fantastic last minute odds and wagers made available that those who do not have their desktop or laptop computers at hand are forced to forego.

Take your sports betting USA preferences into account when choosing a sportsbook with which to sign up, and do as much research as you can before signing up for a new account. The more time you spend on this part of the proceedings, the surer you can be about the enjoyment levels you will be experiencing on a long term basis.

Convenient Online Sports Betting with MasterCard

You’ve always wanted to have a go at online sports betting, haven’t you? You know that punters are always involved in the sports matches of the moment, not just watching their favorite teams and players in action, but also winning big whenever their teams emerge victorious. However, the idea of trying something new can be quite overwhelming to many people, especially when it involves some kind of financial transaction. And understandably so, as there are several factors to consider when using an online sports betting site. Is it safe? Will the transfer go through without much hassle? Is it a fairly easy process to initiate? Thankfully, the USA is home to a number of fantastic betting sites, and many of them understand the concerns of punters and would-be punters. For this, they have a solution that many of you will be pleased to hear – sports betting for real money using your MasterCard.

Monitor Your Spending

There really is nothing more comforting than being able to monitor the balance of your accounts. With sports betting MasterCard, you are always able to see exactly how much you have already put down on bets, as well as the amount of money you have in your bank account or how much credit you have left over. All you will need to do is log onto your online banking profile, and because every bank in the USA has this option in place, it will be no trouble at all for you. Stay on top of your money, and maybe even win some more, while you bet on all of your favorite teams and players.

Instant Payments Every time

While it may sound a bit too good to be true, sports betting MasterCard options have been a welcome addition to the world of online sports betting. Within the USA, MasterCard is one of the most reputable companies to rely on for instant financial transactions, whether it be from a credit or debit card. Payments and transfers to online betting houses work in the same way they do when you shop online. It’s quick, convenient and completely hassle-free. There isn’t any annoying waiting periods when funds take a while to clear. As soon as your payment goes through, you are free to place bets as you please.

As Easy As 1,2,3

Sports betting MasterCard is one of the simplest, most convenient ways to transfer money between two parties for placing bets. It’s a quick, easy process that requires you to do little more than enter your banking details. Imagine the online betting house you’re using is just like any one of the USA’s online stores – the process is identical and the convenience it brings will leave you smiling from ear to ear.

The USA is fortunate enough to enjoy an array of sports betting MasterCard options. It’s a wonderful alternative to having to stand in long queues at traditional betting houses, and it can all be done from your computer or mobile device. Quick, painless and hassle-free – what more could you want? Wager at the best online betting USA sportsbooks now and experience it for yourself!

Play Online Casino Games on Your iPad

Tech devices have become the currency with which we measure our success in the modern world. In other words, the types of devices we own and our proficiency with these devices have come to be a testament to how well we have adapted to the fast-paced nature of the 21st century. The fact is that South African life is largely dominated by technology from the first thing in the morning to the last thing at night. We receive multiple emails, alerts and notifications throughout the day, we are able to do various financial transactions anywhere anytime, and we order taxis, food and buy anything our hearts desire at the swipe of a screen.

This South African proficiency with the latest in tech devices has contributed to the growth and development of various online entertainment portals, such as online casinos. South Africans in particular have shown their interest in the online casino platform, with hundreds of new South African users popping up on various sites and apps every day. Online casinos have been hailed for their user-friendly nature, accessibility, and convenience, providing users with hours of fun and big wins.

Your iPad Casino

Today, nothing demonstrates your proficiency in the modern world quite like the iPad, in all its sizes and colours. The introduction of each new version of the beloved device has thousands of people all over the world in anticipation to try it out. The South African market has opened its arms to the introduction of the iPad since the very beginning, with universities, hospitals, restaurants and businesses of all kinds jumping at the ease and convenience the device brings to a busy 21st century life. Today, the iPad is considered an essential to tech-junkies, students and go-getters alike.

Powered by Apple’s iOS operating system, software developers have worked to provide iPad users with optimized casino game options and versions which have been specially curated to suit your Apple device. In South Africa, the growing demand for iPad compatible mobile casino games has initiated the development of an extensive range of optimised entertainment and fun available to iPad users. iPad Casinos provide players with access to top notch entertainment, with various games from Poker, Blackjack and Baccarat, to casino classics like Slots or can play Roulette online, available at anytime, anywhere.

Endless Opportunity for Fun

With the continuous development and improvement of online casinos for iPad, and various other devices, the online entertainment industry is bound to get bigger and better, with more opportunity for fun and big wins! There is truly something for everyone in the online casino world, with various options and alternatives to choose from. If you are wary of playing for real money up front, most sites and apps allow you to play in No Deposit mode, which means you play for free until you feel ready to make the switch to Real Money games! Don’t want to download an app that might slow down your device? You are able to choose between downloading an app and playing in your browser. The options are endless, and expanding.

The Great Escape Artist Slot Unpacked

Before we delve into just how rewarding this slot machine game is, let’s unpack this slot to see what it entails and whether or not it is a great slot to try out. Offering slightly more pay lines than the average 20 to 25 pay line slot, The Great Escape Artist Slot by Genesis Software offers 50 pay lines and five reels.

As the slot titles suggests, players can expect to enter into a virtual world of magic and illusion. They will encounter Larry Linguini, an escape artist, who does magic tricks and tries to escape from the Devil. From the way the game is designed, with players looking in as if seated in a live audience, this game immerses players so much that they actually think they are at a real-life magic show.

Secrets To Successful Gameplay Revealed

The Great Escape Artist Slot delivers in real money play. Like any casino game, payouts are at random and no winnings are guaranteed. Having been tried and tested by many slot players and gaming experts, the verdict and general consensus is that this slot rewards big and rewards frequently. With no control over just how much you win and when, and whether you actually get to claim this game’s non-progressive 1500-coin jackpot, despite being able to choose your betting amount, we offer secrets to get the best out of your gameplay and ways to ensure a successful time on the reels.

The first secret to getting the most enjoyment out of your gaming experience, both in terms of learning different betting strategies and being entertained, is to try out all the betting ranges available on the Great Escape Artist Slot. Whether you’re a high roller or a penny-wise, mixing up and changing your betting amounts from high to low values and from less to more active pay lines, will allow you to enjoy different types of intensity during gameplay and will reap different monetary rewards. Finding the balance between the most optimal pay line amount and the most optimal coin value is a great skill to acquire, which you can learn here.

For successful gameplay on The Great Escape Artist Slot at online casino site Canada, take as much care as you do deciding your wagers when adjusting the game settings before starting the game. Screen appearance, the pace in which the reel spin, sound effects and levels and other in-game aspects can be altered according to players’ desires. Once you have become comfortable with the game, adjusted the different elements to your tastes, reviewed the pay table and decided on your wager, then start the game. A player’s online gaming experience is determined by whether or not they prepare themselves and adjust the game setting first.

Real Money Play Explained

When playing for real money, players seek to play on slot machine games that offer more ways of winning, more pay-out boosters and any and all in-game features. Since its release in September 2015, The Great Escape Artist Slot machine has been attracting slot fanatics with its wild symbols; scatter symbols, multiple free spins and multipliers. Making real money more intensely fun is the fact that the wilds become stacked and sit on top of each other on the reels for larger wins. When the main character Larry lands on the reels he will expand and cover four or more of the reels, sometimes the entire grid for magical wins. When playing on real money, it is good to note that free spins can be retriggered on The Great Escape Artist Slot.

Explanation of Time Voyagers Slot by Genesis

Time Voyagers slot is a very futuristic looking mobile and online slot. The game has a progressive jackpot and a number of special features including second screen bonus rounds. The twenty five paylines can be played within a range of 0.5 up to 10 coins, and all lines are optional. To get to the special features and the progressive jackpot however you should be playing the maximum bet and amount of lines that you possibly can. Time Voyagers slot will appeal to players of all budgets, and the progressive jackpot and bonus rounds will draw in experienced players and novices alike.

Trance Style Theme

Time Voyagers slot is a very trance style slot. Reminiscent of a 1980’s video game, the graphics are all sharp edges and blue neon. A trance soundtrack plays constantly in the background, which adds to the surreal feel of the game. Black reels sit in black space, edged with neon blue. The buttons at the bottom of the screen are also neon blue. The layout is simple and eye catching with its bright colour. The progressive jackpot is the only thing in the game besides the symbols that is not in blue.

Tron Like Graphics and Symbols

The symbols and graphics in Time Voyagers slot makes the game look very similar to that old favourite, Tron. The poker card symbols are in a futuristic font and are all different bright colours. They are worth 100 to 250 coins for five of them in a row. The rocket ship is worth 750 as is the golden robot. Both Time Voyagers are worth 1000 coins for five of them in a row on an active payline.

Free Spins and Wild Symbol

The wild symbol in Time Voyagers casino slot is a black square with the word Wild on it.  This can appear on any reel and will replace all other symbols in the game except for the scatter. This is also the games standing jackpot, which will be paid out for five of them in a row on an active payline.

The scatter symbol is the Time Voyagers badge and can also be found anywhere on the reels. This will pay out scatter wins for as few as two symbols which do not have to be in any order or position. Three or more scatters will launch the free spins round. Ten spins will be awarded during which time all wilds will become stacked.

Pick Me Feature

The two Time Voyagers  appear only on reels one and five. Should you one of each on one spin you will be taken to a second screen round where you will be presented with a bunch of choices. Pick one to reveal a prize or another chance to pick at online casino Canada.

Time Traveller Bonus

This is triggered randomly and involves four levels of bet multipliers. You pick a symbol which will reveal a multiplier. Keep advancing through the levels by picking the correct symbol. If you find the words Game Over, then the game is over.

Progressive Jackpot

This can only be won in real money mode. At any time during the game play you can be whisked away to yet another Pick Me screen. The difference this time is that one of the picks contains the progressive jackpot that rises all the time.

A Look at Todays Weather Slot by Genesis

There are so many slot games on the market, that developers are being forced to look at weirder and weirder topics to keep players interested and their games fresh. Genesis has hit on a pretty unique topic and titled their slot Todays Weather slot. This five reel slot has twenty five paylines and a pretty low line bet of 0.02 per line. This means that Todays Weather slot will appeal to beginners and those of low budget. Todays Weather online slot runs on the Quickfire platform, making it a smooth running slot both on desktop and on mobile devices. It cannot however be played for free money in some countries, so it is recommended that beginners practice with the lowest wager amount to get the hang of the game.

News Broadcast Graphics

The graphics in Todays Weather pokie have been designed to look like those from a typical news broadcast. They do not fit into the cartoon category, but are not realistic either. They may actually be in an entirely new category. The reels are set on a weather screen and each one has been allocated a day of the week as if to look like a five day forecast. The background will change between night and day as a clock in the bottom right hand corner shows either am or pm hours. The buttons at the bottom of the screen have been done to look like the moving headlines often seen in a news broadcast. All in all Todays Weather slot is a pretty innovative slot with a professional feel.

Wet Weather Forecast

The symbols in online pokies for real money Todays Weather are mostly theme related, and have to do with different weather conditions.  The bottom of the scale symbols are from a deck of cards and have been illuminated to look like they are glowing. The rest of the symbols are icons referring to wind, snow, rain and sun. These are worth 500 to 1000 credits respectively for five of them in a row. The sun is the only base symbol that will pay out for only two of them in a row.

The Wild Weather symbol is the games wild. Found on all of the reels this icon will replace all other symbols in the game except for the scatter which is the slots logo.

Various Free Spins

Todays Weather slot has taken the free spins feature and put a new spin on it. The games logo will launch this round if three or more of them are found anywhere on the reels. When this happens you will be presented with a choice of five days of the week, Monday to Friday. Each of these days hides a weather symbol that has a corresponding amount of free spins and other features.

The wind symbol will give you five free spins. During these spins any wild appearing will turn that whole reel completely wild. This can retriggered during the round.  Snow will give you eight free spins and sticky wilds which stick to the reels for the whole round of eight spins, creating potential wins. Rain grants five free spins and between one and fifteen wilds get added to all of the reels with each spin. Sun awards a random award of ten, fifteen, twenty or twenty five spins along with a  two, three, five or ten times multiplier. This can also be retriggered by finding more scatters during the round.

The Grand Final Betting Options

As most are already aware, sport tournaments have various tiers, with the competing teams vying to see who will advance to the next level, and hence be declared the best of a specific tier. This system is the only efficient way to decide which sports team can fairly be declared the best of all competing teams. The tier system also creates a great deal of excitement and anticipation amongst sports fans, with all eyes turn towards the grand final of a tournament.

A grand final match decides who is the current best team, or individual, in any given sport, depending on the game in question. It is natural that the grand final is the most attended and watched match, with sports such as football having tens of thousands of live spectators, and millions of fans watching around the world via television broadcast. Once the grand final match has concluded, the winner is declared the ultimate champion. Although, depending on which tournament it is being played, this may only be for a specific region, or faction within a sport.

Sports Betting

When a grand final rolls round, online bookmakers prepare for a massive influx of bets. Grand final matches are not only the most watched and widely enjoyed, but also tend to draw the most bets. Sports fans often feel that betting on their favourite team is the best way to show support, and hence take to online bookmakers to demonstrate their support. It should be kept in mind, however, that betting on a favourite team may not always be the best option, as far as odds and statistics are concerned.

When any two teams or individuals go head to head in a match, it is the job of the bookmaker to decide on fair odds. Odds, of course, are a mathematical prediction of how likely a team or individual is to win. If history shows that one party in a grand final is more likely to win, the bookmaker will give low odds, since it is considered to be a low risk bet. If a team seems very unlikely to win, the odds will be higher, showing that with high risk comes high reward. In other words, betting on the underdog will always payout more.

Deciding on a Bet

The nature of sports betting is a risk versus reward system. When high odds are placed on a party in a grand final, bet makers are encouraged to take the bet, given that winning will pay out such an enormous amount. There is always a chance an underdog will come through and claim victory, which is what makes sports betting such an exciting an interesting activity.

When placing a bet at the top Australian betting sites, the bet maker should always take the time to look at the situation closely. Factors such as teams losing star players, or having to ply two matches very close together, greatly effect how that team will perform. A smart bet maker will take a high risk bet in the right circumstances, and win. Either way you decide to bet, be ready for the next exciting grand final match and have fun.