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Sunshine Coast

Sunshine Coast Racecourse in Australia

Sunshine Coast Racecourse is situated about 89 kilometres north of Brisbane and is less than an hour’s distance. It is however minutes from the City of Caloundra. The racecourse is managed by the Sunshine Coast Turf Club and is considered to be Australia’s best training and thoroughbred racing establishments.

Races at the Sunshine Coast Racecourse are held every third Friday, every Sunday and on special race days. Night races are held and the tracks are lit up with just less than 1 000 lights. The first ever meeting held here was in 1985. The Sunshine Coast is a popular holiday destination which attracts many to the racecourse.

There is a laid back environment surrounding the racecourse which resonates with the locals and visitors who tend to be attracted to the Sunshine coasts golden beaches and laid back way of life. There are another three racecourses situated nearby to the Sunshine Coast Racecourse. These are the Doomben Racecourse, the Eagle Farm Racecourse and the Ipswitch Racecourse.

The Sunshine Coast Racecourse Tracks

The Sunshine Coast Racecourse has two separate tracks one being turf and the other being synthetic. Both of these tracks are run alongside each other in a clockwise direction.

The main track is the turf track which is around 1 950 metres with a 400 metre home straight. This track has little bias as there are chutes at many of the starting points and both the front and back straights are quite long. This means that barriers and placement of the horses is not much of a concern and all horses racing have almost an equal chance of winning with Caulfield Cup betting.

Inside the turf track is the synthetic track which is an all-weather friendly track that was installed due to the long rainy seasons of the area. This track is called the cushion track and has a 1 760 metre circumference. Much like the turf track, this track is fair regardless of starting points and position. There is a 400 metre home straight.

The Sunshine Coast Racecourse is considered to be one of the best in the country because of its fairness and the long open bends that allow horses at the rear a good opportunity to win. The starting points at 1 300 metres and 1 400 metres offer the least need for barriers.

Race Day Events at Sunshine Coast Racecourse

The Sunshine Coast Racecourse holds four major annual events which include the Sunshine Coast Cup in January which is run over a distance of 1 400 metres, the Ladies Oaks Day held on the Caloundra Show holiday, the Caloundra Cup held in June and July and is part of Melbourne’s Winter Carnival and the Melbourne Cup Day. The Caloundra Cup is a listed race that is run over the distance of 2 400 metres.

June also sees the Glasshouse race which is a listed race run over the distance of 1 400 metres. Apart from these four major racing events there are more than 70 other race days that occur every year. The racecourse attracts all ages who enjoy the laid back atmosphere.

Cross Country Skiing

Getting Cold with Cross Country Skiing Betting

There are truly a medley of available sports to discover around the world, especially through the internet. Whilst for some this means a fair bit of entertaining watching, for punters it is both this and something more. The option to place a wager on a sporting event is one that has been connected with sporting events since the dawn of man really. Today however the punters can enjoy the likes of less seen sports like Cross Country Skiing and the action this entails alongside some betting options. Discovering these various aspects of this operation is the next piece to this puzzle now.

With the likes of global warming and climate change a considerable impact in the world today, one doesn’t often think of the colder sports games. Cross Country Skiing for example is a rather niche part of the snow based events and one potentially overlooked by punters as a means for betting. However there is still a good deal of betting options available for this sport and so punters looking to get involved in this will do well to learn the slopes of this interesting sport and how it all relates back to betting.

Handling the Slopes of Cross Country Skiing

When it comes to the game of Cross Country Skiing there are a few factors that are particularly notable for the punters. First off, this form of skiing is rather unlike most in that the skiers do not often use gravity or slopes to generate momentum and instead rely on their own efforts to trudge through the snow. Like the running form of this event, this snow based one is set over various and winding terrain and is often of a considerable length. The popularity of this sport in terms of competition and competitors is actually quite high and so punters will encounter a number of events under the banner sport of Cross Country Skiing.

Relating Aspects of the Game to Betting

Understanding the fundaments of the game of Cross Country Skiing is one thing but linking them to the betting options involved can be quite another. For some of the more on the nose betting options the punters can intuitively interpret a few however. These involve those around the results of the events, which is to say on the winner of the events, the order of the final finishers or other relative to a race format. Where the betting gets interesting however is in regard to the different available forms of this notable sport. These of course generate new and unique betting options at the best mobile betting sites which often come in the form of spot bets or something similar.

Following the Events and Placing Calculated Bets

An important piece of advice that may seem rather apparent but can always use reminding is that of the necessity for information harvesting in this craft. In other words punters who put in the time to keep track of the Cross Country Skiing events and the participants involved at these levels then they can rather aptly affect their chances with the betting. This also then applies to the odds related to the bets and events involved which can better be determined by an informed eye.


Betting on Cricket

Cricket is a popular sport the world over, as is betting on it. It adds an additional level of enjoyment to the cricket fans already watching the game. Turning from mere fan to engaged bettor makes the game intrinsically more interesting, as rooting for a team or certain outcome will turn into something that has financial repercussions. However, it is not only fans that bet on cricket games. Many sports bettors are bettors first and foremost and then go on to choose the sport they wish to bet on.

Types of Cricket Bets

As in all markets, there are many different types of bets that sports bettors can choose from. In general, sports bettors will find a bookmaker, place a certain bet for or against the odds placed by the bookmaker, and then hope to win. More experienced sports bettors venture out into many different types of bets, but novice bettors are encouraged to stick to the more straightforward bets while they learn the ins and outs of betting and find their feet.

One of the most common bets in cricket is the 1×2 market. These are very simple and manageable bets that enable sports bettors to simply bet on the team they think will win the game.

Cricket futures betting and cricket proposition betting are also popular types of bets that sports bettors may choose to go for. In cricket futures betting, sports bettors will place a bet on a team before the coin toss. Odds for this are generally available for individual games and whole tournaments. In cricket proposition betting, sports bettors can bet on team propositions, player propositions, or individual game propositions in major cricket tournaments, such as the ICC World Cup.

What to Bet On

Cricket is played all around the world all year long, so there are always dozens of betting opportunities open for sports bettors. Sports bettors can bet on local and international series. The most popular cricket betting events include the ICC Cricket World Cup, which includes both the One-Day and the Twenty20 World Cups, the five-day contest of the ICC Test Matches, the ICC One-Day Internationals, the IPL cricket betting, as well as domestic leagues and championships depending on the sports bettor’s home country.

Tips for Betting on Cricket

Cricket is a game greatly influenced by statistics, at least on the betting side. While in all cases it is beneficial for sports bettors to have intrinsic knowledge of the sports they are betting on, it is often do-able to bet on cricket just with good knowledge of the statistics of the game. Through studying statistics, sports bettors can get good knowledge of the strengths and weakness of various teams and come to often successful predictions of how the respective team will fare in the next match. Statistics for each format of the game, that is, each different series, tournament, or individual game, will differ, and sports bettors will need to be familiar with the specifics of each as this will greatly influence the statistics and how teams are likely to perform. That said, while statistics may offer a good guideline, no amount of statistics can equal a good healthy knowledge of the game itself.


pokies online real money

Pokies Online Real Money Games

With pokies online real money wagering you too can be part of the massive fan base of these great games.

Online pokies blow land based slot games away with their great graphics, sounds and of course real money play.

Choose Your Currency

No matter if you want to play in NZ dollars, Euros or Pesos, there will be an online casino for you. Online casinos cannot afford to be limited by currency as they get new players signing up from everywhere on the world.

Certain online casinos cater for certain segments so always check the casino and make sure they accept real money wagers in your currency.

Your pokies online real money wagers can be placed in a variety of currencies, but once you select a currency during sign up, it will be your only accepted currency.

Make Deposits And Withdrawals

For new players, pokies online real money bets require a real money deposit first. To make these deposits is a simple process. Most commonly you can use major credit and debit cards to do simple online blackjack transfers.

If you prefer to use an e-wallet or online payment service, you can do that too. Depending in the casino, there are many options in this regard that you can use.

If you use the casino’s preferred method, here may be additional benefits like a faster payout right or higher withdrawal limit.

Real Money Deposits Mean Bonuses

When you get into pokies online real money wagering, you will get the additional benefit of being eligible for deposit bonuses. These promotional offers tie in with your first real money deposit you make into your casino account.

When you make this initial deposit you can opt for the first deposit bonus. Depending on the amount you deposits, the casino will match it by a certain percentage and pay that amount into your account.

You can use these free funds to make real money wagers as usual. The catch of course is that you cannot make withdrawals yet. You will first need to wager a specific amount of your own money on the casino games.

No two casinos are the same when it comes to the requirements that players must meet to start playing fully. A little research here goes a long way.

Gaming That Suits Your Budget

One of the best pieces of advice for real money casino fans is to keep an eye on your bankroll. Playing with a budget is a great idea and this is where pokies really shine.

When you make pokies online real money wagers, you will get a wide range of customizable betting values that you can apply to your game.

Some pokies are more simple or limited than others, but most allow you to pick how many paylines you want active in your game. From here you can set what you wish to wager on each active payline.

This ability to customize is great for players on a budget. You can either play for lots of small wins or you can test your luck and play high risk high reward games.

Pokies iPhone

Welcome To The World Of Pokies iPhone Games

You might have come across people talking about Pokies and you caught yourself wondering what these are exactly. If you didn’t manage to catch on to what they are actually talking about, Pokies are the New Zealand word for a slot machine.

Whilst you might have rushed off to a dictionary to try and establish the meaning of Pokies, you might have come across strange things like nipples or cigarettes or even a slang word for prison. Pokies have nothing to do with any of the above; it is rather a Kiwi way of referring to slot machines.

It is believed that this term originates from the “poker machine” phrase and is not generally accepted in New Zealand as reference to any slot machines. The Pokies market has grown so significantly that more and more people ask “Are Pokies iPhone friendly”? The answer to this is undoubtedly yes, and growing as we speak.

Popular Pokies On The Web

To find Pokies iPhone users enjoy, you can just search on the web. Pokies are no longer just limited to land based machines. Online Pokies are very popular and that is why there are endless applications available to iPhone users across the globe to join the Pokies iPhone revolution.

Make sure that you read up on the available online Pokies websites and focus on their terms and conditions and what they offer. You should make sure that you understand the betting requirements as well as how to transact on the online Pokies sites. Read reviews online and familiarise yourself with these Pokies sites before you sign up.

Signing up for your Pokies iPhone friendly experience is as easy as pie. You just secure the New Zealand online casino provider you feel suites your individual needs best, and go to the iPhone App store to download the application for the specific provider of your choice. From here on the most difficult part is over and done with and you can start playing your Pokies IPhone style.

Pokies Goes IPhone Friendly

When you read up on New Zealand Pokies sites you need to specifically focus on iPhone friendly sites with dedicated applications. There are a few things to consider when scouting for a suitable Pokies provider.

  • Can you easily download an application for you chosen Pokies site from your iPhone App store?
  • Is the Pokies site safe and secure? You need to stablish this as you will be storing your personal and financial details on this platform
  • Does the Pokies iPhone compatible site optimise their apps within the mobile browser so that it adjusts to the width of any IPhone?
  • Are the applications in the iStore free of charge or do you have to pay to download the application?

You should also keep in mind that downloading an application to play your favourite Pokies iPhone style is not the only way to get this show on the road. If you cannot find an iPhone application for your favourite Pokies site you can always play online via your mobile web browser. The web browser will always be up to date and save a nit on data charges because you will no longer have to download the application. Both options are available, so choose whatever you feel works best for you.

Casino Free Signup Bonus No Deposit

Online Casino Free Signup Bonus No Deposit Games

When it comes to playing slots and casino games, all online casinos in the Philippines offer players the opportunity to play for free or for real money. Playing free online casino games can be a great way to learn new games and hone your skills on games like poker, blackjack or baccarat. However, if you want to stand a chance of winning big online, chances are you are going to have to make a casino deposit. For players that haven’t yet made the switch, the good news is that you can play casino free signup bonus no deposit casino games.

Free Bonuses Without a Deposit

Online casino bonuses are usually reserved for players that make regular deposits into their online account. In the Philippines, more and more online casinos are offering signup no deposit bonuses to payers who create a free online casino account. Players can then use their bonus to play casino free signup bonus no deposit casino games and stand a chance to win real money online. The reason many casinos have started offering no deposit bonuses is simple. No deposit bonuses give players a taste of what it is like to play and win real online without risking their own cash.

Signing up and Claiming Your bonus

The idea is that once a player has gone online and played a number of games for real money, they will find it easier to make a deposit and continue playing and winning real money at the same casino. To get started playing online casino free signup bonus no deposit slots and casino games, the first step is to find a reputable Philippine online casino that offers no-deposit signup bonuses. If you do a quick search you will find that there is a full list of top-rated online casinos to choose from.

In order to qualify for a no deposit bonus, players must sign up with the casino and activate their online account. As soon as their account is activated, the Philippine casino will reward them with a signup no deposit bonus. These bonuses can come in two forms. The first type of no deposit bonus on offer is the cash bonus. This is where the online casino will deposit a cash sum into the players online account. Players can then use the cash to play online casino free signup bonus no deposit games at the casino itself.

Free Spins on Slot Games

The second type of signup no deposit bonus that players will come across is the free spins bonus. All top-rated online casinos in the Philippines will either offer a cash bonus or a free spins bonus. In the case of a free spins bonus, the online casino will reward a player with a specified number of free spins. Players can use their free spins to play online casino free signup bonus no deposit slot games for real money. When a player has used up all their free spins or cash, they can revert back to playing for free or make a casino deposit and earn even more rewards with the online deposit welcome bonus.

Casino for real money

An Online Casino for Real-Money Play

For many gaming fans in the Philippines, playing in a land-based casino for real money has its pros and cons. Casino gambling has been freely available to Filipinos since the floating Manila Bay Casino was opened in 1977, and the capital is now home to 20 casinos. Which is great for citizens within easy reach of Manila, but not necessarily for Filipino gambling fans scattered through the rest of the republic’s islands and towns.

The Internet provides a solution ready to hand, of course. It’s simple to wager in a casino for real money when Philippine gaming enthusiasts visit an online casino. There are no laws prohibiting online gambling in the Philippines, as long as casino fans play at sites based and licensed in foreign locations. There are plenty of suitable sites online that allow Philippine players access to the casino for real-money play on all their favourite games.

Covering the Full Casino Experience Comfortably

When playing in a land-based casino for real money, part of the adventure is the casino atmosphere. The most popular online casinos do a good job of replicating this experience, with card tables, slot machines, roulette wheels and dice that look just like they do in real life. Sound effects and live chat online between players help generate the social ambience found in land-based operations; some sites even have live dealers and croupiers, too.

Philippine casino fans will also want a thoroughly user-friendly experience when they pick an online casino for real-money wagering. This means a site available in English or Spanish, offering suitable currency and banking options, and of course, licensed in a jurisdiction that allows play from the Philippines. This precaution actually protects players, as the laws of the licensing jurisdiction apply in the event of any legal disputes, so players must have legitimate access to the site in the first place.

All Sorts of Games on Offer

Just as they are in land-based casinos, slots are by far the most popular type of casino game found at online sites. Those who like to play slots in a casino for real money can do so even more easily online, as they never have to wait for their favourite machines to be free, and the slots floor is never too crowded.

But other casino games are not neglected online either. Perennial classics like roulette, poker, blackjack and craps are available at digital tables, often in a plethora of different variations. Video poker & real money slots enthusiasts will find plenty of titles to play at an online casino for real money, including multi-hand versions that feature up to 100 hands simultaneously. Bingo and keno is also popular, and a search will reveal even exotic casino games like Red Dog or Pai Gow Poker.

Bonuses Unique to Online Casinos

Another reason Philippine casino aficionados may prefer online sites to land-based operations, is the frequent bonuses they offer. All the top-rated online casino sites offer free play or deposit matches as a welcome bonus, and regular players also receive frequent incentives when they play at the casino for real money. These could be free spins on slots, or extra money to wager on specific games.

Casino Apps That Pay Real Money

Mobile Casino Apps That Pay Real Money

In the Philippines and all over the world, mobile casinos have become the easiest way to access and play real money casino games. There are many benefits that come with playing mobile casino games. For starters anyone with a smartphone, tablet or mobile device can access the latest slot games from anywhere in the world. But for most players, the biggest advantage of playing online is being able to win serious cash at any time. In the notes below, we are going to look at how to go about downloading and using casino apps that pay real money.

What You Need to Get Started?

If you are keen to get started playing and winning online, all you need to is a smartphone or tablet that is connected to a Wi-Fi or data network. Once you are able to get online, the next step is to sign up with a reputable mobile casino based on the Philippines. If you do a quick search, you will find a whole host of top-rated sights to choose from. If you want to find the best casino apps that pay real money, it is important to choose a casino that has mobile functionally and offers a wide range of games.

Choosing a Mobile Casino

Before signing up with just any Philippine mobile casino gambling, make sure that the casino is highly rated and offers secure banking facilities as well as a good selection of casino bonuses and promotions. Using your mobile web browser, you can create a free online casino account by tapping on the signup button located on the homepage of the mobile casino website. Creating a casino account is absolutely free and it only takes a few minutes of your time.  Once your account is active, the next step is to download one of the casino apps that pay real money directly from the casino site itself.

Downloading the Casino App

On the home page of the casino, you should see a download option for operating system of your device. All top-rated mobile casinos in the Philippines offer mobile casino apps for Android, iOS, blackberry and Windows based mobile devices. Once you have downloaded one of the casino apps that pay real money, you can open up the app and sign in. From the mobile casino app, you can access and play the latest slots and casino games for free. If you want to play for real money, the next step is to fund your casino account.

Playing for Real Money

If you have already downloaded one of the casino apps that pay real money, you can actually use the app to fund your account. The app will have a banking section where you can make a secure online deposit by local bank transfer, by debit card payment, by credit card payment or by web-wallet payment. Once you have fund in your account, you can swap over and play real money casino games straight away. When you want to cash out, you can use the mobile app to cash out your winnings directly into your credit card, bank account or web-wallet account.

Casino apps real money

Casino Apps’ Real-Money Philippine Mobile Play

Those who enjoy internet-based entertainment have good reason to feel lucky that they live in the Philippines; the republic has one of the best records for reliable, affordable connectivity in the whole region. The casino industry is an entertainment sector that has a strong and growing presence online, and the technology in modern 4G smartphones and tablets means that through mobile casino apps, real-money gaming is within easy reach of Philippine gambling enthusiasts.

Some may be hesitant to explore casino apps’ real-money wagering possibilities, unsure of the legal position. They have nothing to worry about. The Philippines does not prohibit online gaming at foreign-registered casino sites, so slots enthusiasts and other casino fans can enjoy casino apps, real money returns when they win, and all the excitement of the gaming table perfectly legally on their mobile devices.

Research the Gambler-Friendly Jurisdictions

Mobile casinos generally create their own apps and make them available as free downloads. So all the casino app’s real-money bets, it follows, are placed at that casino site. This site must be registered in a jurisdiction other than the Philippines, and it also follows that the site will be regulated and monitored by the appropriate gaming authority in the relevant jurisdiction.

Players are advised to compare the policies, standards and oversight record of different gambling authorities, so that they can identify those with strict standards to protect the players, and a good record of enforcing fair dealings. When using casino apps, real money is going to change hands, so Philippine players need to know that any disputes will be addressed and resolved justly.

Games to Suit All Tastes

The selection of mobile casino apps that Philippine players can download to smartphone or tablet is impressive, but the range of games to be found on these apps is even more satisfying. Slots titles abound among the real money mobile slots choices, and there are also dozens of video poker variations.

Roulette, blackjack, baccarat, poker, craps, keno, bingo: these and lots of other casino favourites occur in myriad variations. Some video poker and blackjack titles have versions that allow players to bet on as many as 100 hands at once.  Players can try new games all the time, or enjoy endless casino apps’ real-money play on one specific title, especially if it is one that scores them frequent wins.

Mobile Casinos Compete via Bonuses

True Philippine gambling aficionados may want to download several different casino apps. Real-money rewards at mobile casinos include a feature that land-based casinos can’t offer: regular bonus promotions. With competition for custom between different mobile sites waged fiercely, there are usually several available from different sites at all times.

These could be deposit matches when the player tops up an account, or free spins on designated slots for players joining the site, or a certain amount to wager on a newly launched game, among other incentives. What they all have in common is that they allow players the chance to win casino apps’ real-money prizes, without having to risk their own money on every game.

iPad Pai Gow Poker

Mobile Casino iPad Pai Gow Poker

If you are familiar with casino card games, chances are you have heard of Pai Gow poker. For those players who are new to online gambling, Pai Gow poker is a type of casino card game where the object of the game is to create two separate poker hands on a single draw. The game originated in China where it was played using Chinese dominos. The dominos were used to create various scoring hands with two players facing off against each other. In the notes below, we are going to look at how iPad Pai Gow poker works and how to get started playing online.

The Game Setup

The mobile and online casino version of Pai Gow poker is played directly against the dealer. A standard game Pai Gow consists of a single poker table with two separated sections for the card layouts. The game is played with a single deck of cards including the jokers. The player’s virtual chips are located at the bottom right hand side of the screen and the game buttons are located in the bottom centre of the screen. In iPad Pai Gow poker, the game begins with the player placing his or her bet on the table. This can be done by tapping on the chips and placing them on the marked betting area on the table.

Creating Two Poker Hands

Once the bet has been placed, players can then tap on the deal button. The dealer will then deal the player 7 cards face up and himself 7 cards faced down. The aim of iPad Pai Gow poker is to create two separate poker hand. The first hand is a two card hand and the second hand is a five card hand. In this game, the five card hand must rank higher than the two card hand. For example, if the two card hand is a pair of queens, the five card hand has to contain a pair of kings or any combination higher in order to play.

Using Jokers as Wilds

In iPhone Pai Gow poker, players can drag their cards to rearrange each hand in order to create the highest possible combination for both hands. Obviously the highest scoring hand for the two cards is a pair of aces. The five card hand follows the same poker rules set out in 5 card draw with a royal flush being the highest scoring hand. In this game, jokers are used as wild cards and can be used to substitute for any other card in order to complete a winning combination.

Winning a Hand in Pai Gow Poker

Once a player has split their 7 cards into the two scoring hands, the dealer will then flip his cards over and rearrange his cards into the highest possible scoring hands. In iPad Pai Gow poker, If the player’s two card hand and five card hand is higher than the dealer, the player will win the bet at 1:1. If only one of the hands is higher while the other is lower, the hand is a push and the bet is doubled for the next deal.