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Demolition Squad

Demolition Squad Online Slots Game

Scandinavian software developers Net Entertainment (NetEnt) have designed their Demolition Squad video slots game as a wacky cartoon with Japanese style elements. The soundtrack is urgent and industrial, the background a scaffold-strewn construction site. Poker symbols are rendered in steely grey against concrete slabs, and the game’s medium-win characters, carrying a variety of destructive tools, contrast effectively with the lower-win symbols by the use of bright solid colours. Wild symbols are also boldly animated, and can literally have explosive consequences.

Demolition Squad is a five-line, four-row game featuring 40 bet lines, with a minimum bet per line of $0.01, which works out to $0.40 per spin. At the maximum bet per line of $0.50, players will bet $20 in total per spin. The characters filling the medium-win symbols: Bob Dozer, Lady Plaster, Burnie, Bambino and Kyno, are triggered into explosive action during any Demolition Wild rounds, which in turn helps multiply the player’s wins.

To win, players require a sequence of three, four or five matching symbols in unbroken succession along a bet line, with sequence starting on the leftmost reel. The 40 bet lines, most of them in mirrored symmetrical pairs, trace out 40 different patterns in which one symbol from each reel may be combined in a win. Players can learn the bet line patterns and the winning pay-outs for specific symbol combinations on the pay table, which also outlines Demolition Squad’s other special features.

The Demolition Wild Feature

Demolition Squad’s Wild icon is a chevron-bracketed warning sign emblazoned with the word “Wild”, and it substitutes for any symbol except Scatter symbols. It can appear on reels 2, 3 or 4, but if two Wild icons pop up in reels 2 and 4, both slots and the slot between them are transformed into Demolition Wild symbols, with explosive FX and a new red background to the sign. Demolition Wild symbols also substitute for all other symbols in Demolition Squad, so the player immediately has three consecutive Wild symbols and a much better chance at wins on multiple bet lines. When combined with Demolitions Squad’s Scatter feature, the Wild symbols can deliver impressively large wins.

The Wrecking Ball Scatter Feature

Three or more Wrecking Ball Scatter symbols in any position trigger Demolition Squad’s bonus spins feature. Three Wrecking Ball Scatters win 10 free spins, four Scatter icons win 20 free spins, and five Scatters win 50 free spins. The free spins feature is accompanied by more cartoony animation, with the characters clinging to the wrecking ball; the number hanging on is an indication of the number of free spins remaining. All wins on free spins are trebled, so a run of lucky Demolition Wild symbols during The Wrecking ball free spins can translate into really substantial wins gleaned from the bonus round. The highest possible combination on a regular spin, five red robots, wins 4 000 times the line bet. However, with the Free Spins feature and Demolition Wild symbols augmenting that score, the highest possible win on a single spin is 120 000 times the line bet.


Big Ben

Big Ben Online Slots Game

Big Ben is an online video slots games developed by Aristocrat, one of the most prestigious names in software design. Its background graphics and reel animations pay tribute to Great Britain, and in particular the metropolis of London. The game is played on a five-reel, three-row interface with 25 bet lines available. In true British stiff-upper-lip style, gameplay is mostly silent except for the reel-spinning FX, although wins are celebrated with a short burst of a traditional British tune.

While the low win symbols are taken from the poker deck as is typical of slots games, Big Ben does so with one stylish variation: the poker symbols used are 9, 10, J, Q and K, rather than the more usual 10-A. Obviously, no rank higher than Queen or King is welcome in a monarchy. This quirk is reinforced by a knightly coat of arms attached to the Jack symbol, while the Queen and King each sport crowns.

The other standard symbols used in big Ben, ranked from lowest to highest, are a tavern sign, a gas lamp, a red telephone box, a double-decker London bus, the Union Jack flag and the jewel-encrusted golden crown of state. The highest wins possible without multipliers, five crowns or five Union Jacks, pay 800 times the line bet. There are, however, two additional features to increase wins.

The Big Ben Feature

The Scatter symbol, true to the game’s name, is the Big Ben clock tower, and it increases wins in two ways. If the Big Ben symbol appears anywhere on reels 1 or five, it activates the Big Ben feature, in which the win multiplier depends on the number of times the clock chimes the hour. The maximum, 12 chimes, will multiply any wins on that spin X500. In addition, any three, four or five Big Ben symbols scattered over any reels will trigger 15, 20 or 25 Free Games respectively.

All wins made during these free spins are doubled, and another cluster of three, four or five Big Bens during free spins trigger another 15, 20 or 25 free spins. However, the bet lines played during free spins can only include the lines that won on the spin that triggered the Free Games feature. The regular appearance of Big Ben symbols, combined with the Wild symbol, nevertheless delivers some substantial wins.

The Grenadier Guard is Wild

A Buckingham Palace guardsman, complete with bearskin hat, serves as the Wild symbol in Big Ben. He substitutes for any other symbol (except Big Ben) to make up winning bet lines, and the Wild also doubles any wins on bet lines in which it appears. Once again in keeping with the reserved British theme, any win involving a Wild symbol is celebrated only with a brief, discreet flourish of confetti around the guardsman.

Five Wild symbols on one bet line win 30000 coins, but if a Big Ben also appears anywhere on reels 1 or 5 at the same time, and the clock follows up with 12 chimes, that win will be increased 500-fold, to 15 million coins.

Free Slots Canada

The Convenience of Free Online Slots

Online slots have become one of the most popular media of casino game play, attracting players from across the globe with its exciting virtual games and tempting bonuses. Free slots Canada games provide Canadian players with all the benefits of slots at a land-based casino, as well as the convenience of being completely portable, accessible to any player with an internet-connected computer, tablet or smartphone. This means that even the busiest player can enjoy slots games without having to travel or adhere to casino opening times, as free slots Canada games are available for play 24 hours a day and can be enjoyed while on the go, during work breaks, overseas travel or simply from the comfort of players’ own homes.

Explore Online Casinos for Free

Free slots Canada games are offered by many of the best online and mobile casinos as a way to introduce players to their games and features. Free games provide a risk-free opportunity for online players to explore different casinos, find out which features suit them best and even determine which games to play for real money in the future. By offering these games, online casinos hope that players will enjoy the free games enough to register a real money player account and play slots games for cash. However, the unlimited free credits offered by many online casinos means that players can enjoy uninterrupted free slots Canada play for as long as they want to, often without having to complete lengthy registrations or plugin downloads.

Great Games on Offer

The range of free slots Canada game on offer is phenomenal, with some casinos offering up to hundreds of unique game variations. Each game features a unique and exciting theme, and game styles range from fun cartoon-style 2D animation to detailed and lifelike 3D video slots, ensuring that there is a free slots Canada game to suit every individual’s entertainment tastes. The games are designed by leading software providers for full compatibility with most popular computer, tablet and smartphone brands, and offer a casino experience that combines seamlessly with the high resolution screens and powerful operating systems of modern devices to bring all the action of a real casino game right to players’ palms. Accessing these quality games couldn’t be easier, with downloadable and no download games that can be either easily downloaded as games and apps or played as Flash-based free slots Canada directly from players’ internet browsers.

Free Slots Bonus Offers

Online casino bonuses aren’t exclusively available to real money players. Free slots Canada players will love the no deposit bonuses and free spins on offer at the best online casinos. These bonuses allow free slots Canada players to experience the thrill of real money slots games at no cost to them, extending their premium slots entertainment and perhaps even convincing them to open a real money player account and start trying their luck at real money slots jackpots. So whether players want a risk-free opportunity to test their chosen casino’s software or fantastic budget-friendly entertainment online, every player will benefit when choosing to play free slots Canada games from their computer, tablet or smartphone of choice.

Best iPhone Casino

Play from Your iPhone

Apple iPhones have taken the world by storm as the preferred smartphone of individuals across the globe. iPhones are akin to miniature pocket computers, allowing their owners to do everything from checking emails to scheduling appointments, as well as enjoying the best iPhone casino games from the comfort of their mobile phones. As the wold has become more and more dependent on smartphones for both work and play, iPhone casinos have expanded their game selection and bonus offers to entice iPhone owners to try their luck at claiming big real money jackpots while playing the best iPhone casino games available.

Fantastic Games on Offer

Players can choose from a range of iPhone casino games, from classic casino table games like baccarat and blackjack to slots and some more unique casino game variants as well. There are a number of iPhone apps available to players looking to play real money casino games, as well as a huge variety of no-download Flash games that can be played directly from players’ internet browsers. Each of the best iPhone casino games has been optimised for mobile play by leading casino software providers, and feature stunning graphics and animation techniques that combine seamlessly with the high resolution touch screen interfaces of players’ iPhones for an interactive game experience.

Secure iPhone Casino Banking Services

A feature to look out for when choosing the best iPhone casino to play with is secure casino banking services. Many casinos make use of advanced TLS and SSL encryption technology and secure servers to ensure that their players’ personal details are kept safe while controlling their casino funding online. Finding an iPhone casino that offers these secure banking facilities is simple, as a seal stating this information will usually be displayed prominently on the home pages of the best iPhone casino sites and games, as well as proof of certification by authorised regulatory bodies that make it easy for players to choose the safest and best iPhone casino when playing from their mobile phones.

Progressive Jackpots and Big Rewards

The prospect of real money casino game jackpots is an inviting one for many iPhone players. The best iPhone casino games offer attractive player odds and generous real money payouts, as well as progressive jackpots that increase in value the more players play their games of choice. For players who wish to hone their casino game skills before moving on to try their luck at real money games, the free practice games and unlimited free credits offered by the best iPhone casino sites and apps are a welcome opportunity to brush up on their casino game knowledge in a relaxed and risk-free environment.

Both free and real money players can enjoy a number of great bonus offers and rewards when enjoying the best iPhone casino games. Free players will often be awarded generous welcome, deposit and match bonuses upon their registration of a player account, while free players can take advantage of no deposit bonuses that allow them to experience the thrill of real money gambling at no cost to them. Many iPhone casinos also offer exciting rewards programmes that players can join, helping them to make the most of their premium casino experience when playing the best iPhone casino games from the comfort and convenience of their favourite iPhones.


Some Say Roulette is Pure Luck

Roulette is one of the most popular casino games in the world, and also one of the most famous. The sheer randomness of the ball-and-wheel combination gives every number an equal chance of winning, so players are on the same pitch of excitement on every spin.

Online casinos now make digital versions of the game available to players everywhere, and the best-quality games use state-of-the-art randomising algorithms that deliver the same thrill of uncertainty, along with the ever-present chance of a big win.

But because of its very unpredictability, many believe that roulette is the ultimate game of chance, with the odds stacked against the player. Winning is down to pure luck, so riding on Dame Fortune’s coat-tails is all that matters; there is no point in trying to calculate odds like you do in poker or blackjack, they’ll tell you. Roulette is a game for optimists on a hot streak, they insist; serious, sober gamblers should avoid it.

Some Think you Make your Luck

There is another take on roulette, however, and surprisingly, it comes from the perspective of the serious, sober gamblers. Casino fans who take the time to learn how to calculate odds and probabilities, weighing up potential wins against possible losses, know that roulette will never present the best odds for the player against the house. But they take into account the many different bets that it is possible to place on a roulette table, as well as the payouts these bets can win, and realise it doesn’t have to have the worst odds, either. By using a betting system that spreads a number of chips around the table, in combinations so that if any one bet wins, it will cover the entire amount staked and yield a small profit, canny roulette players can lower the odds against them considerably.

A bet on a single number, despite its attractive 35-1 payout, has one chance in 37 of coming off (on a European roulette table. In an American roulette game, in which the wheel contains a 00 in addition to the 0, the chance is one in 38). A bet on five of the six 6-line bets, on the other hand, has five chances in six of winning, and will pay 5-1, along with the return of the winning bet, which amounts to the profit on the win. Similarly, two bets on two of the three “dozens” columns has two chance in three of winning, with a 2-1 payout; again, the profit on a win would be equivalent to the winning bet.

Serious roulette players will have betting systems that combine a variety of betting options, to cover as much of the table as possible and thus lower the odds against the player, while still making any win profitable.

Find What is Right for You

There are a variety of roulette betting systems, some simple like the Martingale system of doubling up after every loss, and some complex enough to require serious practice to master. The beauty of online casinos is that they give players the ultimate freedom of choice. They can play roulette online whenever the mood takes them, either for free or for real money. They can trust their luck completely with single, repeated bets, or they can adopt a betting system of whatever complexity suits them. Once you’ve found the options that are right for you, roulette online is casino entertainment you can enjoy anytime.

Online casino gaming companies

Top Rated Online Casino Gaming Companies

Despite recessions, austerity and economic crises, online gambling has seen rock-steady growth over the past decade, and the already huge industry continues to expand. More than half the world’s population participates in some kind of wagering regularly, and the ease and convenience of playing casino games from a computer, tablet or smart phone continues to attract new players online. From a punter’s perspective, the value of the industry can be measured by a very simple metric: they want big wins, and lots of them.

Online casino gaming companies, on the other hand, have a much trickier task. They are, after all, for-profit businesses, and like all businesses they have shareholders and boards of directors who expect a return on their investment and their labour. Yet what they are selling to players is a chance to profit from their luck: free money, bestowed by the tides of fortune. The rewards have to be substantial enough and regular enough to maintain their customers’ taste for casino pastimes, but not so generous as to cut too deeply into company profits. Online casino gaming companies, in effect, perform a constant juggling act to keep both players and shareholders happy. Which is all very logical, but it does leave all of us who aren’t shareholders with the original question: how do we get more wins, more often?

Do a Little Background Work

The first way in which online casino gaming companies deliver better customer service is by simplicity of access. Registration at an online or mobile casino is a matter of seconds if you’re only interested in free play; if you do want to wager real money to win, adding your ID and banking details at a real-money site will take a few minutes. However, it goes without saying that your should check out any site before you hand over your personal data; reputable online casino gaming companies will prominently display certifications that their games have been independently audited for fairness, and that their data security is up to scratch.

Online reviews are also a good way to identify and avoid any bad apples. In their quest to retain customer loyalty, the best online casinos understand the importance of prompt payouts and efficient customer service in the event of disputes; those that don’t are liable to have that information widely publicised by disgruntled players.

Take the Benefits on Offer

Another very effective incentive online casino gaming companies employ to foster customer loyalty is the free bonus. Players usually receive a free-bets package as a welcome bonus when they register on a site, and online casino gaming companies hand out regular free-play bonuses to existing members to encourage them to try specific games. Win or lose, these bets don’t cost the player anything; and of course, if they win they get to keep that money (although naturally, terms and conditions will apply to withdrawing winnings). Players who enjoy online casino games regularly may even register at several casinos, so they will always be able to find a bonus package that gives them more casino entertainment, at lower financial risk. By taking advantage of incentives as and when they are offered, players can get much more out of the online casino experience.

list of casino table games

A Comprehensive List of Casino Table Games

Anyone who tells you they have a comprehensive list of casino table games is lying, and here’s why: Games come, games go; some see a brief phase in popularity and then fade into obscurity; a tiny rule change on an old standard like poker sees a whole new game being born… In short, with thousands of casino games already available online and new variations being launched every week, the list of casino table games changes constantly. As a second-best option, however, it is be helpful to have a short list of casino table games categories, from which casino games enthusiasts can pick the fields that interest them and explore the variations on offer. The list is as follows:


Poker deserves first place on any list of casino table games because it has spawned so many variations; like Caribbean stud poker, three-card poker, pai gow poker, Texas Hold’em and pyramid poker, to name but a few. These are played with anything from three to seven cards in a hand, and even the many five-card-hand versions come in myriad variations. The one constant they all share is the winning ranking system; from highest to lowest: straight flush, four of a kind, full house, flush, straight, three of a kind, two pair, pair and high card.


Another hugely popular card game, blackjack also comes in variations like pontoon, Spanish 21, Super Fun 21 and blackjack switch. Despite variances in rules, the object is always to score a card-count as close to 21 as possible, without exceeding it.

Casino War

A casino version of the traditional card game War, which pits dealer and player in a straight high-card contest with only one card each.


Perhaps the most archetypal gambling game on any list of casino table games, roulette comes in variations like European and American roulette, and other table games with close similarities, like boule and fan-tan. Even the big six wheel, a game featuring a vertical spinning wheel which lets players bet on their lucky numbers coming up, is really a variation of roulette.


A fast-paced card game in which a “banker” plays against “punters”. The rules look complex at first glance, but are actually quite easy to learn.


An Australian game played with two coins, flipped simultaneously. Players can bet on whether the outcome will be two heads, two tails, or “odds”, with one of each.


The classic game of two dice, with players betting on numbers that will come up, while hoping to avoid certain combinations. The Chinese game of sic bo, which has many similarities, uses three dice.


Another card game that belongs on the “classically elegant” list of casino table games, baccarat is a player-against-the-bank contest, although punters can bet on either the bank or the player winning.

When cards, dice and spinning wheels are considered, a full list of casino table games will include several hundred different entries. The basic categories mentioned above will hopefully provide some useful guidelines for avid casino games fans intent on further exploration.

Know How To Always Stay Online During A Long Tournament

Playing casino games online rather than visiting a casino in a physical location has been more and more popular recently. There is a good reason behind it, seeing as you can often play all of your favorite casino games right from your home without needing to go anywhere. Certain casinos that are often reputable and have been in business for a long time will also offer you did ability to take your favorite games anywhere you go via a mobile application, but if you are particularly fond of playing games with high-stakes, such as poker, you might want to ensure that you will be able to withstand long sessions at any time.

There are things that might prevent you from playing

Although playing online has its benefits, and has a few downfalls too. For example, you would have to worry about losing your Internet connection if you were in a real casino. If you were in the middle of a poker tournament online and you happened to have lost your Internet connection, it could be a real problem that could cause you to lose some money. This is a very real issue, and it can happen not only because of a bad Internet provider. A simple power outage might prevent you from playing the rest of the tournament, so you might want to plan ahead and set up a few precaution measures just to be sure.

If you are having Internet connection issues, consider an upgrade

It wouldn’t be a bad idea to consider having multiple Internet providers. If you are frequently facing slow Internet speeds and frequent outages that are mostly the responsibility of the provider, having another one might help you. If the first connection blows out you will still have another one to get back to, and you won’t end up interrupting your game for too long. However, this is known to be a very expensive long-term decision, so you might as well think about switching to a single provider that has outstanding quality, or purchasing a package that will allow you greater Internet speeds.

Secure your power source, even during an outage

Another thing to look after is a power outage. Since these can occur for numerous reasons, if you know that the place where you live will occasionally power down, and you don’t want to risk having to quit your game in the middle of a long session, you might want to get yourself a battery backup box. You simply plug this one into your computer and into a power outlet, and it is going to charge while your computer is running. As soon as the power level starts dropping below what your computer needs, the device is going to beep to alert you, and if there is a complete power outage, the device will be able to let you stay powered on for a little while. Depending on what kind of a device you have purchased, you could get anywhere from 15 minutes to over an hour of extra power in case of a power outage. Keep in mind that to do this long before you even think about starting serious tournaments, just so you won’t be able to run into any unpleasant surprises once it all starts.

online sic bo

Dice Fans Love Online Sic Bo

Based on an ancient Chinese dice game, sic bo is a casino game that has been likened to craps played with three dice, and online sic bo is becoming increasingly popular with regular players. The concept is very similar: a shooter throws three dice, and players can bet on the total being high, low, on any specific number, or any combination.

Just like in craps, specific number combinations are winners or losers that pay out designated odds on a win, and there are a number of bets that can be placed. For instance, you can bet that the total of the three dice will be “small” or “big”, or bet on doubles, triples, or other specific combinations. Each casino will play by slightly different rules, and offer different payouts on different winning combos, so it’s important to understand how any version of online sic bo works before you wager any money on it.

Online Sic Bo Fun for Free

 Luckily, nobody has to start risking their money on online sic bo by betting blind, or before they understand the game properly. There are hundreds of free casinos that offer online sic bo play for credits only; perfect for players who just enjoy the thrill of beating the odds and becoming theoretical sic bo champions. If you want to play purely for fun, a quick Internet search will give you plenty of options. Others, however, like to gamble for real, and for them, there are just as many sites available that allow you to bet and win real money.

As an added incentive, for-money casinos offer regular free bonuses; a package of free bets that are used to reward newly registered players and allow existing players to try games they may not be familiar with. Free bets on online sic bo are often included in these free bonus packages, so players who shop around comparing various bonus offers can often get hours of online sic bo play, with the chance to win real money, without risking as much of their own betting bankroll. It’s essential to read the terms and conditions attached to these promotional incentives, of course, as they will determine under what conditions you can withdraw your winnings, but casino bonuses can help to extend your online sic bo play enormously, while also increasing your chances to win.

Play Whenever you Like

The proliferation of online and mobile casinos has literally put your casino in your pocket. With top-of-the-range graphics and sound quality and intuitive touchscreens, smart phones can make any casino games an easy-to-access, regular treat, and online sic bo is no exception. Online casinos even offer differently coded versions of the same games, so that you can pick the version that plays best on your device. As long as you can connect to the Internet, you can take a break anytime you like, almost anywhere in the world, to spend an exciting few minutes rolling the dice and trying your luck. Whether you risk any real money or not is entirely up to you, but the fun and potential to win at online sic bo is within reach for any casino enthusiast.

online farkle

Dice Fan? Give Online Farkle a Go!

Who knew six dice could create so much suspense? That’s the simple concept of farkle: you play with six dice, and a single 1, a single 5 or any combo above a pair are worth a set number of points. After each throw, you can hold any winning combos and throw the remaining dice again, in the hopes of adding to the points you’re holding. But when you’re in a race to 10 000 points, and you throw three 2s, worth 200 points, do you bank them and pass the dice on, or throw the 2s along with the other dice again, in the hope of a higher-scoring combo? Or do you hold the 2s, and throw the other three dice to try score more points before you bank? Because if you farkle – that’s a throw with no winning dice in it – you lose all the points you haven’t banked yet, and have to pass the dice on anyway.

It’s a simple concept to grasp, but the art lies in knowing which combos pay best, and understanding the odds when throwing any number of dice from one to six. A single 3, for example, is useless; but a single 1 scores 100 points and a single 5 scores 50. Three 3s, on the other hand, are worth 300 points, and three 6s score 600. So if you’ve held a winning three-dice combo and thrown the other three dice to get, say, a 1, 6 and 5, do you bank the 150 points (plus the points for the held combo), or throw all three dice again in the hopes of a higher-scoring combo? Because if you throw a 2, 3 and 4, for instance, you’ve farkled and lost all the points from the first combo you held. It’s the millions of different possibilities that make online farkle so fascinating and somewhat addictive.

Play for Free, or for Real

 Once you’ve played a few rounds of online farkle and begun to understand the game, it becomes so much fun that you’ll want to play it often. The good news is that online farkle doesn’t have to cost you anything – there are plenty of free sites that allow you to play purely for the thrill of winning, pitting yourself against the computer or even other players. So even if online farkle becomes a regular daily treat, it doesn’t have to be an expensive one.

Of course, if you do enjoy wagering for real so that you can win real money, there are plenty of real-money casinos online that will allow you to play farkle for actual stakes. They even offer free bets on online farkle in their frequent free bonus packages, allowing you a certain amount of game play without touching your own bankroll, but still with a chance of winning real money.

Know your Stuff

For beginners, online farkle can appear fiendishly complicated, but it’s a matter of learning which combos win the best points, and knowing what your odds are, depending on the number of dice you’re throwing. It gets much easier with practice, which is why novice would do well to spend enough time on the free versions of the game to know what they are doing, before they start risking their own money. But with a little study and practice, online farkle can become an entertaining, exciting break from routine whenever you have the time to spare.