Online pontoon

The Rules of Pontoon Play

If you know how to play blackjack, you will have no trouble getting used to online pontoon. The rules for both games are very similar, with just a few small adjustments in terms of play and payouts. Some casinos offer online pontoon as a club game, played between individuals, but the more usual version has the player pitted against the house.

The goal of online pontoon is to reach 21, or as close to it as you can without exceeding it. You also have to have a higher total than the dealer does. Should either you or the dealer exceed 21 points, the game will be forfeit.

Starting to Play Pontoon Online

You will place your online pontoon wager before the hands are dealt, and, once this has been done cards will be dealt to you and the dealer. The dealer’s cards will not be viewable, as they are in blackjack, unless he or she has been dealt what is termed a natural hand. This is called a pontoon, and consists of an ace and face card. If this is the case your game will be forfeit, and you will lose, even if you have a similarly or even identically valued hand.

Aces are scored at either one or 11 points, you may decide, and face cards and tens are held at ten points each. Your numbered cards, ranging from one through to nine, are held at face value, with a two of spades equalling two points, a five of hearts equalling five, and so on.

Should a natural hand not be dealt, you will be asked to hit, meaning taking another card, stand, not drawing another card and passing play on to the dealer, doubling, doubling your initial bet and taking another card, or splitting, which is an option if you dealt two cards of the same value. Here you will be able to divide your cards into two packs and proceed with betting on these two hands. The difference between online pontoon and blackjack is most apparent here, where you are able to double at any point of the game, even when holding three or more cards. You can continue to do so as you like until the end of the game has been reached.

The dealer will follow a specific set of rules that are not affected by the value of the players’ hand. He or she will have to hit on a hand valued at 16 points, or what is known as a soft 17. This is a hand consisting of a six and an ace. He or she may stand on a hard 17 or more.

Everyone Can Play Pontoon Online

We have Britain to thank for this great variation on the game of blackjack, but online pontoon is now enjoyed by people from countries all around the world. You do not have to worry about having to wager your money on its outcome until you are exactly sure how play unfolds, either, as free and demo versions are provided for players in order for them to cut their teeth. Play at no cost for as long as you like, and, when you feel sure that you can handle yourself at the real money table, make the switch quickly and easily.

Online poker hold ‘em

Start Playing Hold ‘Em Online

Online poker hold ‘em is the most popular of all the poker variations available, and you will have no trouble finding a game if this is the one you most enjoy. For those who have never had a chance to enjoy it, don’t let the seeming simplicity of it fool you.

There are a vast number of situations possible in this game, and, when you reach the higher levels, you will find it just complex enough to keep you on your toes, and straightforward enough to make sure you aren’t overwhelmed even when you are just beginning to play. It is the best combination of both worlds, a simple game that can become as convoluted as you would like it to be, and one that rewards its successful players with some rather extraordinary real money wins.

What to Do When You Begin

When you play online poker hold ‘em for the first time, you will find that the rules are incredibly easy to follow. Each player will be apportioned two cards, and the point of the game is to make the best of the five cards you will eventually be able to access. Play moves around the table in a clockwise direction, with the player to the left of the dealer’s button commencing first. The two players to the immediate left of the dealer will be asked to deposit a small and large blind, in order to initiate betting, and from there the action unfolds on multiple levels, all rather delightfully titled. Look forward to the preflop, flop, turn and river.

Texas Hold ‘Em Terms Explained

The pre flop and flop are the names given to the first two rounds of betting in online poker hold ‘em, and these must be equal to the big blind. The next two rounds of betting, the turn and river, require that the raises and bets equal twice the amount of the big blind.

Enjoying Texas Hold ‘Em Online

The player who manages to achieve the best combination of cards will take the pot. When the game begins, each player will be dealt two cards in a face down position, called the hole cards. You will be able to keep these cards concealed until all the betting rounds have been completed, and what is known as the showdown begins. Online poker hold ‘em is a community card game, with five cards on display in the middle of the virtual table that are there to be made use of in conjunction with the hole cards in order for players to make the best five card hand they can.

These community cards will be revealed during the flop, turn and river portions of the game of online poker hold ‘em. The flop will display three cards, the turn adds one more, and the river contributes the final one. All of the players will be able to see and make use of these cards, along with the two that are not viewable that each player has been privately dealt. You try to make the best hand you can, with any combination of community cards and those you hold, and the best pattern takes the pot.

Online poker hold’em games are amongst the most popular online and by learning how to play, you too can become part of the action.

Online pai gow poker

Play Pai Gow Poker Online

Online pai gow poker is a casino gambling game that that fuses the game of poker with the Chinese domino game called pai gow. Up to seven players can take part in a game, and it is a world of fun for poker fans, offering them yet another way to enjoy this traditional card game. The majority of casinos will allow you to play for free for as long as you like, so don’t worry about losing money while you are still learning its ins and outs, and you will only need to start betting your hard earned money when you wish to get into line to start winning some!

The Basics of Pai Gow Poker

A complete pack of cards is used for online pai gow poker, along with one joker, which stands in as a wild card that can only be used to substitute for an ace, or to complete either a straight, flush or straight flush. The dealer will be playing against the players, and you will be asked to put up a stake before the game begins.

During a game of online pai gow poker, each player will receive seven cards, and will have the opportunity to view them and then divide them into two hands. One hand will consist of two cards, the remaining one of five. The value of the five card hand is the same as it would be in traditional poker, with one exception. The A, 2, 3, 4, 5 hand is the second highest type of straight or straight flush hand, and falls between the A, K, Q, J, 10 and K, Q, J, 10, 9 hand. The highest valued hand possible would be that of five aces, possible thanks to the joker wild, beating a straight flush. Any two card pair will beat two unmatched cards, but no other combination is possible for the two card hand.

Getting into Pai Gow Poker Play

Players need to arrange their cards so that the five card hand is higher than that of the two card hand. Thusly, if you manage to garner two aces in your two card hand, your five card hand would need to contain a pair or better. Online pai gow poker players are not allowed to discuss their hands at any stage of the proceedings.

With your two cards facing down, the dealer will expose his or her seven cards. From this point on, you will not be allowed to touch your cards. The dealer’s hand will also be arranged into a five card hand and one containing two cards.

The online pai gow poker players’ hands are then revealed and compared.  If you win both hands the dealer will pay out the amount you staked, if the dealer wins only one, no money is exchanged, and this is known as a push. If the dealer wins both, you will forfeit your stake, and if the hands are tied the dealer takes the pot. If one hand is tied, a push is once again instituted.

Pai Gow is exciting and fast-paced and it’s perfectly suited to adventurous players who love the thrill and suspense that card games have to offer.

Online casino hold ‘em

Start Playing Poker Variations Online

Online casino hold ‘em is a house game that was designed for dealing by a croupier for players to enjoy in main casinos. In this game your wits will be pitted against the house, and you will not be engaging with any other players. Should the dealer qualify, it is a straight competition between your hand and the dealer’s one and you might even be able to win what is known as an antewin bonus once you place your ante bet. There is sometimes what is known as AA bonus side bets available too, and these are built on the poker value of the player’s two cards and the value of the first three ones dealt on the flop portion of the game.

The Rules of the Game

Online casino hold ‘em is not vastly different to other poker variations, and, if you know the basics you will be able to manage your game quite easily. Bear in mind that you will be able to play online casino hold ‘em for free for as long as you like at certain online casinos, by means of the free or demo versions of the game, and, although there is no money to be won when you enjoy the games like this, they are a great way for you to start learning and gain confidence before you invest any of your own hard earned cash in a game.

The player makes an ante wager, and two cards are dealt to the player and dealer each. Three community cards are then dealt face up on the table. Now the player will either fold, or call, forfeiting his or her ante bet and cards if the first option is taken. If you call, you will need to bet twice the amount of the ante bet to stay in the game. Two more community cards are then dealt, for a total of five, and the dealer then reveals the two cards he or she has been dealt.

The hands will be scored according to the highest poker value of the two cards in each hand and the five cards visible to both players.

The dealer will need to be holding a pair of fours or better in order to qualify, if he or she does not then the ante will pay out according to the pay table attached to the online casino hold ‘em game and the call bet will push. Should the dealer qualify and go on to beat the player, the player will lose both the ante and the call, should the dealer qualify and the player wins, the ante will pay according to the pay table and the call bet will pay out to a value of one to one. If the dealer qualifies and the hands are tied then both the ante and call bets will push.

Finding a Poker Room Online

A simple online search will yield a host of places for you to enjoy online casino hold ‘em, and you will be in the middle of one of these exciting games quicker than you can say royal flush.

Take Your Favorite Casino Games With You Anywhere You Go

The Internet caters to our needs more and more every day. If you are looking for entertainment and you enjoy playing casino games, you don’t even have to leave your house in order to play poker or blackjack. Just as you would place bets and play games in a real casino, you can do the same from your computer screen. But that isn’t even the end of this transition. To make casino games more accessible to you even on the go, you can now find casinos that support mobile phones, literally allowing you to take your games anywhere you go and play at will.

Opt out for applications

Some of the casinos will simply have a website that can be accessed via a mobile phone. However, more popular casinos are usually going to have an application that can be downloaded onto your device, and installed for a completely mobile phone optimized experience. Be careful when choosing your casino, especially if you are planning to play the games over your mobile device, because certain hosts may not be able to support all of the smart phone models out there. First check if the casino is going to be compatible with your device. Finding a free spins ipad casino and excitedly downloading it to your Android won’t be such a fun experience.

Bonuses are still accessible from the phone

You can expect the bonuses to be intact, even on the mobile applications. To make sure that you are going to have a fun and a fair experience playing the games, always check to ensure that the casino you have chosen is certified and abiding gambling laws at all times. This will protect you from any money stealing scams or unpleasant scenarios you could easily encounter if you signed up for a casino that doesn’t seem trustworthy at first glance.

There are tons of choices available

With the growing popularity of both online and mobile phone casinos, more and more of them appear. While this is certainly going to give you a larger variety in terms of choices, it may also make it more difficult to find the best mobile casino UK. Plenty of season gamblers fortunately gathered the information and composed their first-hand experience reviews, meant to guide you towards a good choice. If you have never played games on a virtual casino before, you would be recommended to look at some of the reviews, just to be sure you have a basic picture of what a reputable casino is going to be able to offer.

Having customer support is a must

Never choose a casino that doesn’t offer some form of customer support. Some of them may offer email support, while others may even go as far as to provide a number you can call if you run into any issues. Be sure to check how responsive they are, because if you ever need any kind of help from them, you would definitely need them to help you solve the issue as quickly as possible, and some of the casinos may not have a stable support system. Finally, read the terms of use very carefully before you sign in, just to make sure you are on the same page with the casino’s policies.