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The Great Escape Artist Slot Unpacked

Before we delve into just how rewarding this slot machine game is, let’s unpack this slot to see what it entails and whether or not it is a great slot to try out. Offering slightly more pay lines than the average 20 to 25 pay line slot, The Great Escape Artist Slot by Genesis Software offers 50 pay lines and five reels.

As the slot titles suggests, players can expect to enter into a virtual world of magic and illusion. They will encounter Larry Linguini, an escape artist, who does magic tricks and tries to escape from the Devil. From the way the game is designed, with players looking in as if seated in a live audience, this game immerses players so much that they actually think they are at a real-life magic show.

Secrets To Successful Gameplay Revealed

The Great Escape Artist Slot delivers in real money play. Like any casino game, payouts are at random and no winnings are guaranteed. Having been tried and tested by many slot players and gaming experts, the verdict and general consensus is that this slot rewards big and rewards frequently. With no control over just how much you win and when, and whether you actually get to claim this game’s non-progressive 1500-coin jackpot, despite being able to choose your betting amount, we offer secrets to get the best out of your gameplay and ways to ensure a successful time on the reels.

The first secret to getting the most enjoyment out of your gaming experience, both in terms of learning different betting strategies and being entertained, is to try out all the betting ranges available on the Great Escape Artist Slot. Whether you’re a high roller or a penny-wise, mixing up and changing your betting amounts from high to low values and from less to more active pay lines, will allow you to enjoy different types of intensity during gameplay and will reap different monetary rewards. Finding the balance between the most optimal pay line amount and the most optimal coin value is a great skill to acquire, which you can learn here.

For successful gameplay on The Great Escape Artist Slot at online casino site Canada, take as much care as you do deciding your wagers when adjusting the game settings before starting the game. Screen appearance, the pace in which the reel spin, sound effects and levels and other in-game aspects can be altered according to players’ desires. Once you have become comfortable with the game, adjusted the different elements to your tastes, reviewed the pay table and decided on your wager, then start the game. A player’s online gaming experience is determined by whether or not they prepare themselves and adjust the game setting first.

Real Money Play Explained

When playing for real money, players seek to play on slot machine games that offer more ways of winning, more pay-out boosters and any and all in-game features. Since its release in September 2015, The Great Escape Artist Slot machine has been attracting slot fanatics with its wild symbols; scatter symbols, multiple free spins and multipliers. Making real money more intensely fun is the fact that the wilds become stacked and sit on top of each other on the reels for larger wins. When the main character Larry lands on the reels he will expand and cover four or more of the reels, sometimes the entire grid for magical wins. When playing on real money, it is good to note that free spins can be retriggered on The Great Escape Artist Slot.

Explanation of Time Voyagers Slot by Genesis

Time Voyagers slot is a very futuristic looking mobile and online slot. The game has a progressive jackpot and a number of special features including second screen bonus rounds. The twenty five paylines can be played within a range of 0.5 up to 10 coins, and all lines are optional. To get to the special features and the progressive jackpot however you should be playing the maximum bet and amount of lines that you possibly can. Time Voyagers slot will appeal to players of all budgets, and the progressive jackpot and bonus rounds will draw in experienced players and novices alike.

Trance Style Theme

Time Voyagers slot is a very trance style slot. Reminiscent of a 1980’s video game, the graphics are all sharp edges and blue neon. A trance soundtrack plays constantly in the background, which adds to the surreal feel of the game. Black reels sit in black space, edged with neon blue. The buttons at the bottom of the screen are also neon blue. The layout is simple and eye catching with its bright colour. The progressive jackpot is the only thing in the game besides the symbols that is not in blue.

Tron Like Graphics and Symbols

The symbols and graphics in Time Voyagers slot makes the game look very similar to that old favourite, Tron. The poker card symbols are in a futuristic font and are all different bright colours. They are worth 100 to 250 coins for five of them in a row. The rocket ship is worth 750 as is the golden robot. Both Time Voyagers are worth 1000 coins for five of them in a row on an active payline.

Free Spins and Wild Symbol

The wild symbol in Time Voyagers casino slot is a black square with the word Wild on it.  This can appear on any reel and will replace all other symbols in the game except for the scatter. This is also the games standing jackpot, which will be paid out for five of them in a row on an active payline.

The scatter symbol is the Time Voyagers badge and can also be found anywhere on the reels. This will pay out scatter wins for as few as two symbols which do not have to be in any order or position. Three or more scatters will launch the free spins round. Ten spins will be awarded during which time all wilds will become stacked.

Pick Me Feature

The two Time Voyagers  appear only on reels one and five. Should you one of each on one spin you will be taken to a second screen round where you will be presented with a bunch of choices. Pick one to reveal a prize or another chance to pick at online casino Canada.

Time Traveller Bonus

This is triggered randomly and involves four levels of bet multipliers. You pick a symbol which will reveal a multiplier. Keep advancing through the levels by picking the correct symbol. If you find the words Game Over, then the game is over.

Progressive Jackpot

This can only be won in real money mode. At any time during the game play you can be whisked away to yet another Pick Me screen. The difference this time is that one of the picks contains the progressive jackpot that rises all the time.

A Look at Todays Weather Slot by Genesis

There are so many slot games on the market, that developers are being forced to look at weirder and weirder topics to keep players interested and their games fresh. Genesis has hit on a pretty unique topic and titled their slot Todays Weather slot. This five reel slot has twenty five paylines and a pretty low line bet of 0.02 per line. This means that Todays Weather slot will appeal to beginners and those of low budget. Todays Weather online slot runs on the Quickfire platform, making it a smooth running slot both on desktop and on mobile devices. It cannot however be played for free money in some countries, so it is recommended that beginners practice with the lowest wager amount to get the hang of the game.

News Broadcast Graphics

The graphics in Todays Weather pokie have been designed to look like those from a typical news broadcast. They do not fit into the cartoon category, but are not realistic either. They may actually be in an entirely new category. The reels are set on a weather screen and each one has been allocated a day of the week as if to look like a five day forecast. The background will change between night and day as a clock in the bottom right hand corner shows either am or pm hours. The buttons at the bottom of the screen have been done to look like the moving headlines often seen in a news broadcast. All in all Todays Weather slot is a pretty innovative slot with a professional feel.

Wet Weather Forecast

The symbols in online pokies for real money Todays Weather are mostly theme related, and have to do with different weather conditions.  The bottom of the scale symbols are from a deck of cards and have been illuminated to look like they are glowing. The rest of the symbols are icons referring to wind, snow, rain and sun. These are worth 500 to 1000 credits respectively for five of them in a row. The sun is the only base symbol that will pay out for only two of them in a row.

The Wild Weather symbol is the games wild. Found on all of the reels this icon will replace all other symbols in the game except for the scatter which is the slots logo.

Various Free Spins

Todays Weather slot has taken the free spins feature and put a new spin on it. The games logo will launch this round if three or more of them are found anywhere on the reels. When this happens you will be presented with a choice of five days of the week, Monday to Friday. Each of these days hides a weather symbol that has a corresponding amount of free spins and other features.

The wind symbol will give you five free spins. During these spins any wild appearing will turn that whole reel completely wild. This can retriggered during the round.  Snow will give you eight free spins and sticky wilds which stick to the reels for the whole round of eight spins, creating potential wins. Rain grants five free spins and between one and fifteen wilds get added to all of the reels with each spin. Sun awards a random award of ten, fifteen, twenty or twenty five spins along with a  two, three, five or ten times multiplier. This can also be retriggered by finding more scatters during the round.

Free Spins Android Casino

Online gambling enjoys enormous popularity in South Africa, and doing so by means of a mobile device is becoming the first choice for more and more players. We already rely on our tablets and smartphone devices for so much that making use of them to provide this kind of entertainment is the logical next step, and more and more casinos are being formatted to meet the increased demand.

Mobile casinos in South Africa are experiencing a flood of new player account registration, and fresh game titles are constantly being made available in order to meet this emerging market’s demand for innovative entertainment. Slots machine games are particularly suited to handheld devices, and bonus offers are constantly being made with fans of the game in mind. Thanks to their enormous popularity, mobile casinos assume that these types of bonuses will appeal to a large section of the market, and that the majority of players will be keen to make use of them.

Free Offers for Your Android

The free spins Android casinos have available are made to not only welcome new players and reward them from the get go, but to loyal patrons returning frequently as well. It is a marvellous way to get to know a new game or casino, and players often make use of multiple casino accounts in order to get hold of these offers.

Bear in mind however, that, as is the case with free offers of any kind, there will always be terms and conditions attached to bonuses like this. While these are never very difficult to meet, they must be kept in mind, and you are urged to make yourself familiar with them before attempting to make use of the free spins. Stipulations aside, the offers are there to reward you for what you would be doing anyway, playing slots machine games, and, if properly used, can be a huge advantage for players of any level of experience.

The Reasons Free Spins are Made Available

South African mobile casinos make use of free spins in order to attract attention to their site, or to a new game title that they are making available. It is a very cost effective form of marketing, and one that is far more successful than more traditional means of advertising. With the enormous amount of time the majority of South Africans spend online, we have become inured to pop up adverts promising us the world, and are far more likely to take interest in a casino making an offer like this than one who simply allows us to join and spend our money!

The casinos making these bonuses available are confident that you will enjoy not only the title the free spins are usable on, but the entire mobile gambling experience as a whole, and return to invest your own cash once you see how much fun can be had in this manner. The chances are that if you are suitable impressed with the game and the services provided by the mobile casino you are very likely to do so, and will make use of your mobile casino account to continue to enjoy real money online pokies in the future.

Free Spins for iPhone Casino Players

Free offers are possibly the biggest benefit of enjoying casino games by means of your computer or smartphone rather than at land based venues. They make wonderful opportunities available for savvy players, and are rewards put in place for simply doing what you would be doing anyway, enjoying games of chance! They are an excellent way for players to test a new casino’s offerings, try out a new game, or simply spend some time online without running the risk of losing any cash in an unlucky streak.

iPhone users have the best Canadian mobile casino experience around, with the specifications of the device uniquely suiting it to slots games particularly. The big screen and touchscreen function makes for a very immersive mobile gambling experience, and displays the bold, vibrant colours so beloved by casino game developers to perfection. Thanks to the rising demand for new titles this emerging market is creating, you will be able to easily access not only the games you know and love, but fresh titles to enjoy as well, and will soon be spending increasing amounts of time having fun and winning money.

Take Advantage of Great Free Casino Offers

An online search will instantly reveal the plethora of free offers available to iPhone users, and you will be able to make use of the detailed reviews offered at a wide variety of websites in order to narrow the search. The easy to read one page format the majority of these articles take will be able to tell you at a glance exactly what to expect from the iPhone casino in question and you will be able to separate the wheat from the chaff very quickly. You will not need to wade through time consuming registrations in order to find a mobile casino that offers you the games you love in an environment you will enjoy, and can make an informed decision without even having to visit the casino you are considering.

Applications and Offers for iPhone Users

The biggest game developers in the world are focused on making sure that new titles are constantly being formatted for mobile users to enjoy, and the increase in memberships at mobile casinos is steadily on the rise as a result. Software for iPhone applications runs incredibly smoothly, does not incur excessive data charges come month end, and mobile casinos make sure that these players enjoy all the same great bonuses and promotional offers that users of other platforms do. A very popular offer is the free spins iPhone casinos make available, aimed at slots game fans that enjoy a spot of gambling on the go.

The applications deliver tailored packages to your device, all of which make full use of the distinctive features the iPhone offers its users. Players can look forward to bright, bold graphics, realistic sound effects, and unparalleled ease of navigation each time they log in to their mobile accounts, along with the state of the art 128 bit data encryption technology that secures the environment for your real money transactions.

Free Spins Offers for iPad Casino Players

Business owners are well aware that one of the easiest ways to interest potential customers in your product is to offer them something for nothing, and this is no less true on the World Wide Web. Online and mobile casinos make it their business to find new ways to reward both new players and those returning frequently to enjoy their online offerings, and, with slots machine games being as popular as they are, many of the bonuses have been fashioned to reward fans of this genre.

The massive competition online and mobile casinos face is the main motivation behind these offers, as you are far more likely to sign up for an account at a casino offering you something in return than one interested only in what you are prepared to spend with them. A very cost effective marketing method, the casinos are able to offset their losses with your real money games in the future, and write the expense off as one required for advertising.

Making Use of Free Casino Offers

The free spins iPad casinos make available are put in place both as part of welcome bonuses that are intended to incentivise new sign ups and as rewards for returning players. They are also a great way for casinos to drum up interest in a new game, and will often be made available when a new title is being launched.

While it is highly recommended that you take advantage of as many of these types of offers as you can, be sure to always familiarise yourself with the terms and conditions that form part of them. While these are never overly difficult to meet, failing to do so will result in the offer falling away, and you can avoid a huge amount of frustration by simply crossing your t’s and dotting your i’s from the get go.

The most general provisos include that you will not be able to convert the offer into cash and withdraw it from your account, and that the offer may only be used in specific games, outlined in the terms and conditions section of the agreement. You will also sometimes be subject to time constraints, with the offer becoming unusable after a certain period of time.

Enjoying iPad Casino Games on the Go

The iPad does seem to be particularly suited to slots machine games, with the huge screen, retina display and touchscreen functionality making for the perfect platform from which to enjoy them. The vivid colours the games employ are displayed to perfection, and the great sound effects serve to provide a totally immersive Canadian mobile casino gambling experience. You may even discover that you will start opting to log in to your mobile account even when your desktop or laptop computers are available, as the incredible slots experience this gadget delivers is one that is hard to beat. Take advantage of all the great offers available for you today, and put your iPad to use beyond emails, social network updates and funny cat videos online.

Take Your Favorite Casino Games With You Anywhere You Go

The Internet caters to our needs more and more every day. If you are looking for entertainment and you enjoy playing casino games, you don’t even have to leave your house in order to play poker or blackjack. Just as you would place bets and play games in a real casino, you can do the same from your computer screen. But that isn’t even the end of this transition. To make casino games more accessible to you even on the go, you can now find casinos that support mobile phones, literally allowing you to take your games anywhere you go and play at will.

Opt out for applications

Some of the casinos will simply have a website that can be accessed via a mobile phone. However, more popular casinos are usually going to have an application that can be downloaded onto your device, and installed for a completely mobile phone optimized experience. Be careful when choosing your casino, especially if you are planning to play the games over your mobile device, because certain hosts may not be able to support all of the smart phone models out there. First check if the casino is going to be compatible with your device. Finding a free spins ipad casino and excitedly downloading it to your Android won’t be such a fun experience.

Bonuses are still accessible from the phone

You can expect the bonuses to be intact, even on the mobile applications. To make sure that you are going to have a fun and a fair experience playing the games, always check to ensure that the casino you have chosen is certified and abiding gambling laws at all times. This will protect you from any money stealing scams or unpleasant scenarios you could easily encounter if you signed up for a casino that doesn’t seem trustworthy at first glance.

There are tons of choices available

With the growing popularity of both online and mobile phone casinos, more and more of them appear. While this is certainly going to give you a larger variety in terms of choices, it may also make it more difficult to find the best mobile casino UK. Plenty of season gamblers fortunately gathered the information and composed their first-hand experience reviews, meant to guide you towards a good choice. If you have never played games on a virtual casino before, you would be recommended to look at some of the reviews, just to be sure you have a basic picture of what a reputable casino is going to be able to offer.

Having customer support is a must

Never choose a casino that doesn’t offer some form of customer support. Some of them may offer email support, while others may even go as far as to provide a number you can call if you run into any issues. Be sure to check how responsive they are, because if you ever need any kind of help from them, you would definitely need them to help you solve the issue as quickly as possible, and some of the casinos may not have a stable support system. Finally, read the terms of use very carefully before you sign in, just to make sure you are on the same page with the casino’s policies.