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Free Spins Android Casino

Online gambling enjoys enormous popularity in South Africa, and doing so by means of a mobile device is becoming the first choice for more and more players. We already rely on our tablets and smartphone devices for so much that making use of them to provide this kind of entertainment is the logical next step, and more and more casinos are being formatted to meet the increased demand.

Mobile casinos in South Africa are experiencing a flood of new player account registration, and fresh game titles are constantly being made available in order to meet this emerging market’s demand for innovative entertainment. Slots machine games are particularly suited to handheld devices, and bonus offers are constantly being made with fans of the game in mind. Thanks to their enormous popularity, mobile casinos assume that these types of bonuses will appeal to a large section of the market, and that the majority of players will be keen to make use of them.

Free Offers for Your Android

The free spins Android casinos have available are made to not only welcome new players and reward them from the get go, but to loyal patrons returning frequently as well. It is a marvellous way to get to know a new game or casino, and players often make use of multiple casino accounts in order to get hold of these offers.

Bear in mind however, that, as is the case with free offers of any kind, there will always be terms and conditions attached to bonuses like this. While these are never very difficult to meet, they must be kept in mind, and you are urged to make yourself familiar with them before attempting to make use of the free spins. Stipulations aside, the offers are there to reward you for what you would be doing anyway, playing slots machine games, and, if properly used, can be a huge advantage for players of any level of experience.

The Reasons Free Spins are Made Available

South African mobile casinos make use of free spins in order to attract attention to their site, or to a new game title that they are making available. It is a very cost effective form of marketing, and one that is far more successful than more traditional means of advertising. With the enormous amount of time the majority of South Africans spend online, we have become inured to pop up adverts promising us the world, and are far more likely to take interest in a casino making an offer like this than one who simply allows us to join and spend our money!

The casinos making these bonuses available are confident that you will enjoy not only the title the free spins are usable on, but the entire mobile gambling experience as a whole, and return to invest your own cash once you see how much fun can be had in this manner. The chances are that if you are suitable impressed with the game and the services provided by the mobile casino you are very likely to do so, and will make use of your mobile casino account to continue to enjoy real money online pokies in the future.

iPhone Casino Gambling Options

In South Africa today, technology has shaped and changed every aspect of our modern lives. From the way we present ourselves to others, interact with our community, form ties with other people, learn, work, do our finances, unwind and reward ourselves. It is no surprise to us that many people form friendships and connections with people they have never met on Social Media, or work with someone they know only by a email address and a telephone number on a daily basis. The fact is that tech, and our consumption thereof, has irrevocably changed the ways in which humans position themselves and assess their own success in the modern world. We have attached value not only to how someone goes about using tech, but which devices in particular they own.

Today, the iPhone is a status symbol like no other. With the launch of each new version of this iconic smart phone, thousands of people all around the world wait in anticipation to lay their hands on what they consider latest and greatest in Apple technology. Even in the South African market, which for a very long time was dominated by other cell phone designs and operating systems, iPhone has exploded onto the scene and become the marker of tech success, causing envy in all those who do not own the latest device.

Choice Options for iPhone Casino Enthusiasts

The continuous development and improvement of online entertainment platforms, like online casinos, have meant that consumers are spoilt for choice and very picky about the sites and apps they choose to use. This means that developers, software and Microgaming companies are constantly on the cusp of the latest and greatest in online fun, catering to the demand for top quality graphics, fast downloads and updates, new bonus options and many more. The online casino platform is meant to provide iPhone consumers with hours of entertainment, and the opportunities to win bigger than ever before, at the level of experience they are at.

A Platform for Entertainment

In recent years, studies have shown that South Africans are particularly drawn to online casinos, because of the convenient and entertaining nature of the platform. Passionate players are able to learn a new game, practice their skills, and win big from the comfort of their home or office. For iPhone users the entertainment levels have reached incredible standards. Powered by Apple’s prestigious iOS, software developers have had to optimise casino games for play particularly on the iPhone device.

Due to the growing demand in South Africa for compatible mobile casino games that are able to be played and fully enjoyed on your iPhone there is now a massive range of optimised entertainment and fun available to consumers. iPhone casinos offer players top quality entertainment, with games ranging from card games like Poker, Blackjack and Baccarat, to other casino favourites like mobile pokies for real money and Roulette, at the swipe of a screen.

With guidelines, No Deposit game options, chat rooms, tutorials and consumer help lines, every player has the opportunity to go pro with iPhone casinos.

Android Casino for Mobile Players

Android is an operating system run by the Google powerhouse. It is the largest competitor to the iOS enterprise, and, in stark contrast to iOS, which is a closed-source system designed to run exclusively on Apple, Android is an open-source system designed to run on a multitude of smart phone and tablet devices.

This enables Android to be enormously compatible, making it the operating system of choice for various hardware manufacturers. In addition, it is also the system of choice for many developers, as the open-source code allows for open development, tweaking, and innovation, without requiring any pre-approval from the parent company.

This makes applications designed to run on Android easier to develop, and influences the amount available and rate of production. This is no different for real money slots for Android and top online casino software developers have created games that run smoothly and seamlessly on this OS.

Playing at Android Casinos

As with all mobile devices, playing casino games on an Android device offers immense opportunities in terms of flexibility, portability, and convenience. However, since Android is open-source and application development is not monitored, there may be a few glitches that can come into play when accessing Android casinos.

For one, the lack of pre-approval allows certain glitches to creep up in the application that may have been missed by developers. Nonetheless, since Android casinos are designed to offer a service and to ultimately make money for the casino operator, it is unlikely that these will have released a faulty application. What is more likely to occur, however, is that the application is designed to run perfectly on Android itself, but does not run perfectly on the device in question. Since Android can run on various devices, it may be that the application looks and feels a certain way on one device, but is slightly different on another. This does not mean that the application is faulty per se, but simply means that it works better on some devices than on others.

The compatibility of Android casinos, then, does not only have to be ensured for the operating system itself, but it also needs to be tested for the device used.

The Perfect Run

In order to ensure that players use an Android casino that runs perfectly on their device, Android casino applications offer various free spin or no deposit offers. These allow the player to test out the casino before registering and opening up an account. While, primarily, these offers exist to promote the casino itself and are often limited to one particular online slot machine, they also allow the player to double-check the compatibility of the Android casino with the device the player is using, without having to take any risks in terms of personal or financial information.

If the player has tested out an Android casino and has found that everything runs smoothly, it is very simple for the player to continue on that casino by simply opening up an account and putting down a deposit.

In this way, Android casinos, even though possibly having the chance of more glitches, makes sure that players are completely satisfied with the application before making any commitment. Once the commitment has been made, they offer all the advantages of general online or mobile casinos.


Mobile Casino iPad Pai Gow Poker

If you are familiar with casino card games, chances are you have heard of Pai Gow poker. For those players who are new to online gambling, Pai Gow poker is a type of casino card game where the object of the game is to create two separate poker hands on a single draw. The game originated in China where it was played using Chinese dominos. The dominos were used to create various scoring hands with two players facing off against each other. In the notes below, we are going to look at how iPad Pai Gow poker works and how to get started playing online.

The Game Setup

The mobile and online casino version of Pai Gow poker is played directly against the dealer. A standard game Pai Gow consists of a single poker table with two separated sections for the card layouts. The game is played with a single deck of cards including the jokers. The player’s virtual chips are located at the bottom right hand side of the screen and the game buttons are located in the bottom centre of the screen. In iPad Pai Gow poker, the game begins with the player placing his or her bet on the table. This can be done by tapping on the chips and placing them on the marked betting area on the table.

Creating Two Poker Hands

Once the bet has been placed, Malaysian mobile casino players can then tap on the deal button. The dealer will then deal the player 7 cards face up and himself 7 cards faced down. The aim of iPad Pai Gow poker is to create two separate poker hand. The first hand is a two card hand and the second hand is a five card hand. In this game, the five card hand must rank higher than the two card hand. For example, if the two card hand is a pair of queens, the five card hand has to contain a pair of kings or any combination higher in order to play.

Using Jokers as Wilds

In iPhone Pai Gow poker, players can drag their cards to rearrange each hand in order to create the highest possible combination for both hands. Obviously the highest scoring hand for the two cards is a pair of aces. The five card hand follows the same poker rules set out in 5 card draw with a royal flush being the highest scoring hand. In this game, jokers are used as wild cards and can be used to substitute for any other card in order to complete a winning combination.

Winning a Hand in Pai Gow Poker

Once a player has split their 7 cards into the two scoring hands, the dealer will then flip his cards over and rearrange his cards into the highest possible scoring hands. In iPad Pai Gow poker, If the player’s two card hand and five card hand is higher than the dealer, the player will win the bet at 1:1. If only one of the hands is higher while the other is lower, the hand is a push and the bet is doubled for the next deal.