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Game Of Thrones 15-Lines Slot Reviewed Online for Players

Game of Thrones 15-Lines is the slot machine game based on the popular television series, known for providing violence, nudity and drama in equal amounts. The slot machine game may not go a long way to capturing what makes the series popular, and thankfully so given that nudity makes for poor gambling, but it does feature some unique game play features that provide interesting twists on traditional slot machine rules.

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A Comprehensive Review of 5 Reel Drive Online Slot

5 Reel Drive is an online slot machine created by Microgaming. Its unique art style and theme are what set it apart from other games, centred around cartoon-ish high speed racing with many over the top characters. The main character of the game is a big rig truck driver, sporting a cap, manly beard and cigar. The player sets him racing against the other characters of the game with each spin of the wheel, keeping in mind that the police are never far behind.

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