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Overview of Kong Slot Game from Playtech

Selecting a theme for a slot game can be quite tricky, especially on the part of the developers, as this ultimately sets the tone, the symbols and the features of the slot game to be developed. With this Kong slot game their source of inspiration comes directly from the 2005 film based on this same large gorilla. Themed from a movie this slot incorporates as lefts from said movie quite heavily in its features, with the main symbols on the reels depicting the actors themselves in their respective roles in the movie.

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An Introduction to Jack Hammer 2 Slot for Players Online

This sequel slot game from Netent developers enters players into a comic book styled world of action, intrigue and romance. The theme of Jack Hammer 2 follows the titled protagonist from both instalments, Jack Hammer, as he attempts to combat a new villain and save the damsel in distress. So the storyline may not win any creative prizes but the action on the reels is well portrayed and with enough visual effects and graphics to make it rather immersive.

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All About Arcader Video Slot

Arcader video slot is set in the midst of space where the mountains in the foreground are dwarfed by the reels in the background. This exaggerated perspective places the reels in an interesting light as the reels appear to be on a stage.

The arrangement of the reels themselves also provides players with a sense of pride and accomplishment, during Arcader video slot game play. This is achieved through the notion that this once common interface was widely accepted and revered as the greatest accomplishment in video gaming history to date.

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